AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-08tests/nic_single_core_perf: update pktgen input parameternextyufengmx
2019-08-07framework/pktgen_trex: convert core mask setting toyufengmx
2019-08-07conf/pktgen: update option descriptionyufengmx
2019-08-01tests/nic_single_core_perf: update script.yufengmx
2019-08-01config/ports: add trex format commentyufengmx
2019-08-01framework/dut: add check condition for trex portyufengmx
2019-07-10tests/ Correction in while loop condition.yash
2019-07-10test_plans: remove duplicate test plan of virtioWang Yinan
2019-07-10tests: add testsuite pvp virtio user 2M hugepageslihong
2019-07-10tests: add testsuite pvp vhost user built in net driverlihong
2019-07-10tests: add testsuite virtio user for containerlihong
2019-07-10conf: add conf file for virtio containerlihong
2019-07-10tests: add testsuite pvp share liblihong
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for pvp virtio bonding testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for power managerment throughput testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for dpdk hugetlbfs mount size testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for vhost 1024 ethports testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for vdev primary and secondary testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for pvp vhost_user reconnect testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for virtio pvp regression testWang Yinan
2019-07-10test_plans: add test plan for pvp virtio_user 4k pages testWang Yinan
2019-07-10tests/multiprocess: update case for env with lcores less than 10xiao,qimai
2019-07-10Generated a DTS package dependency file.Chen, Zhaoyan
2019-07-10tests/ddp_mpls: black vf while starting testpmdzhang,yan
2019-07-10framework/ fastlinq adapters doesn't support SCTP checksu...yash
2019-07-10test_plans: update test plan for loopback virtio_user server_mode testWang Yinan
2019-07-10tests/unit_tests_power: align changes with dpdkWenjie Li
2019-07-10tests/l3fwd: l3fwd script refactoringhanyingya
2019-07-10tests/dynamic_queue: add ringsize conditionlihong
2019-07-10tests/vm2vm_virtio_net_perf: add test case about packet payload checklihong
2019-07-10tests/vhost_event_idx_interrupt: add verify of qemu versionlihong
2019-07-10conf/supportlis add only support i40e or ixgbe case for qos apizhaomeijuan
2019-07-04checksum_offload: Support this test in vector modePhanendra Vukkisala
2019-07-04framework: adds preliminary settings to support Qlogic NICs.yash
2019-07-03tests/jumboframes: Total Packet Length includes CRC(4 bytes) so no need of ad...yash
2019-07-03tests/mac_filter: Modify the number of packages in the verification condition.zhu,shuai
2019-07-03tests/TestSuite_ddp_mpls:Improve the way drivers bindzhang,yan
2019-07-03conf/supportlist: append enable_package_download_in_ice_driver casesWenjie Li
2019-07-03tests: add new script enable_package_download_in_ice_driverWenjie Li
2019-07-03framework/settings: append columbiaville NICWenjie Li
2019-07-03qemu-kvm: Add support to provide Kernel Image explicitly to boot VMPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-07-03qemu-kvm: Fix failing to start VM with machine parameterPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-07-03qemu-kvm: Avoid using hardcoded pci-id for access net incase of net type is nicPhanendra Vukkisala
2019-07-03tests/queue_region: add fortville_25g nicyaobing
2019-07-03tests/kni: remove case ethtool from knichangqingxwu
2019-07-03tests/rxtx_offload: add fortville_25g nicyaobing
2019-07-03tests/eventdev_perf & eventdev_pipeline_perf: Moved Unbind_eventdev_port func...Thanseerulhaq
2019-07-03conf/test_case_checklist.json: Listing ethtool retrieve_reg test case as Inva...Thanseerulhaq
2019-07-03tests/flow_classify_softnic: add cpu_id for single cpu on socket 0xiao,qimai
2019-07-03tests/unit_test_loopback: add '-j' option to 'make'Wenjie Li