AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-27test_plans/dynamic_queue: fix usage of bind script18.08Rami Rosen
2018-08-24tests/queue_region: add verification after flush rulesPeng Yuan
2018-08-21conf/supportlist : fix format errorzhao,meijuan
2018-08-20test_plans/dynamic_queue: add dynamic queue test planxueqin.lin
2018-08-20conf/supportlist: NSH packet detection only supported on FVLwenjieli
2018-08-20conf/checklist: update for vlan_synthetic and vlan_random caseswenjieli
2018-08-20Merge branch 'master' of Liu
2018-08-20test_plans/queue region: add more verifications after flush rulePeng Yuan
2018-08-18framework/crb: Add new option in crbs to identify dut
2018-08-06tests/shutdown_api: fix crc-strip offloading flag changehan,yingya
2018-07-30tests/ vm power mgr : fix separator errorzhao,meijuan
2018-07-28tests/vm power: change guest vm power mgr optionzhao,meijuan
2018-07-27tests/scatter: mbsize value is not correct for sagepond nicwenjieli
2018-07-27tests/shutdown_api: fix jumbo case to support sageville and sagepondwenjieli
2018-07-23tests/runtime_queue_number: change VF number according to NIC typePeng Yuan
2018-07-19frame/crb: change dpdk runtime config locationZhao, MeijuanX
2018-07-12test_plans/runtime_queue_number: queue number changed based on device typePeng Yuan
2018-07-11tests/generic_filter: enable vlan filter before disablingxu,gang
2018-07-11tests/scatter: fix selected wrong vector path on ixgbexu,gang
2018-07-06tests/uni_pkt: add nsh test caseWang Fei
2018-07-06test_plan/uni_pkt_test_plan: add nsh test caseWang Fei
2018-07-04tests/sriov kvm: enable vlan strip for mirror caseszhao,meijuan
2018-07-04tests/vf daemon : enable vlan filter for pfzhao,meijuan
2018-06-26tests: add runtime_queue_number test suitePeng Yuan
2018-06-22tests/coremask: fix invalid coremask when not match RTE_MAX_LCOREJoyce Kong
2018-06-22tests/hello_world: fix invalid coremask when not match RTE_MAX_LCOREJoyce Kong
2018-06-22framework/project_dpdk: add function to get rte configurationJoyce Kong
2018-06-20tests/mempool_exthandler: stop l2fwd after each
2018-06-20tests/userspace_ethtool: fix link down failure destroyed ports
2018-06-13tests/unit_tests_pmd_perf: core and port should on same socketlu,peipei
2018-06-12tests/vf daemon : fix Rx descriptors number not matchedzhao,meijuan
2018-06-11tests/unit_test_dump: modify matching keywordsxu,gang
2018-06-11tests/pmdpcap: fix creating pcap timeout issuehan,yingya
2018-06-11tests/ddp_gtp_qregion: add flow director and prefixes address casesxueqin.lin
2018-06-11test_plans/ddp_gtp_qregion: add flow director and prefixes address casesxueqin.lin
2018-05-28tests/vf daemon: enable vf vlan filter for vlan antispoofzhao,meijuan
2018-05-26tests/unit_tests_eal: remove devargs unit testxu,gang
2018-05-26tests/vf daemon: enable vf vlan filter for vlan strippingzhao,meijuan
2018-05-26tests/vf vlan : enable vf vlan filter for vlan strippingzhao,meijuan
2018-05-26framework/qemu_kvm: replace nc with socat for vm control by
2018-05-18Merge branch 'master' of Liu
2018-05-18framework/qemu_kvm: fix vm control session
2018-05-18tests/shutdown_api: adapt to 18.05 Rx offload status formathan,yingya
2018-05-17tests/shutdown_api: adapt to 18.05 Rx offload status formathan,yingya
2018-05-17framework/qemu_kvm: add gic_version option for qemu-system-aarch64Joyce Kong
2018-04-24test_plans: fix doc build warnings18.02Marvin Liu
2018-04-24doc: add tutorials of functional and performance testMarvin Liu
2018-04-20dep/tgen: remove pktgen from tar fileMarvin Liu
2018-04-20framework/etgen: support latest dpdk-pktgenMarvin Liu
2018-04-20framework/dut: fix a typoRami Rosen