AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-25Merge branch 'master' into v17.0817.08Marvin Liu
2017-08-25framework crb: fix enable ipv6 not work on Fortvillexu,gang
2017-08-25Merge branch 'master' into v17.08Marvin Liu
2017-08-25tests/hotplug: fix some failure casesxu,huilong
2017-08-25test_plans/vf_pf_reset: use correct VFs IDsRami Rosen
2017-08-25test_plans/kni: use correct interface in routing testsRami Rosen
2017-08-25tests/userspace: fix some failure casesxu,huilong
2017-08-25tests/ieee1558: fix PTP packet not capturedxu,gang
2017-08-25test_plans: fix some syntax issuesMarvin Liu
2017-08-25framework/packet: wait for link status up before transmission packetsMarvin Liu
2017-08-24tests/pmd: fix case blocked on FreeBSDxu,gang
2017-08-24tests/tx_preparation: fix case failure on Fortvillexu,huilong
2017-08-22test_plans/multiple_pthread: fix two typosRami Rosen
2017-08-19update dpdk test case check listxu,huilong
2017-08-19update dpdk test case check listxu,huilong
2017-08-19tests/ptpclient: fix case failure because of time zone differencexu,huilong
2017-08-19tests/kni: fix ethtool failure and enable armJianbo Liu
2017-08-17test_plans/cloud_filter: use correct action in multiple cloud filters test caseRami Rosen
2017-08-17tests/quota_watermark: fix example startup failurexu,huilong
2017-08-16tests/veb: remove crc-strip optionFangfang Wei
2017-08-16tests/pmd_bonded: adapt to new device name formatlu,peipei
2017-08-16tests/unit_tests_dump: update ring and mempool dump caseslu,peipei
2017-08-16test_plans: add test plan for multiple pthreadLijuan Tu
2017-08-14tests/unit_tests_eal: remove malloc casexu,huilong
2017-08-12tests/unit_test_ring: remove ring watermarkxu,huilong
2017-08-12tests/unit_test_mempool: fix mempool_perf case timeout on FreeBSDxu,gang
2017-08-11framework/virt_base: fix incorrect config file pathfangfangwei
2017-08-10framework: add config option for vfio noiommu modeJianbo Liu
2017-08-10framework: wait 10 seconds after testpmd starts to ensure link is upHerbert Guan
2017-08-10tests/short_live: fix issues in wating for link status upHerbert Guan
2017-08-07tests/short_live: fix result parsing issueHerbert Guan
2017-08-07tests/tx_preparation: auto-detect tcpdump parameter formatHerbert Guan
2017-08-07tests/pmdpcap: don't flush pcap rx streams before forwardingJianbo Liu
2017-08-07tests/multiprocess: correct the pathes of applicationsJianbo Liu
2017-08-01framework test_case: load configuration for suiteMarvin Liu
2017-08-01tests unit_tests_dump: fix failed casesxu,huilong
2017-08-01tests unit_eal: remove pci unit test casexu,huilong
2017-07-28doc: fix folder name typoMarvin Liu
2017-07-28framework dts: fix commands argument not workableMarvin Liu
2017-07-28doc: update images of network topology and software architectureMarvin Liu
2017-07-28doc: update latest system requistiesMarvin Liu
2017-07-28doc: add explanation of new modulesMarvin Liu
2017-07-28doc: add explanation of new parametersMarvin Liu
2017-07-28tests: add test suite for elastic flow distributorMarvin Liu
2017-07-28test_plans: add test plan for elastic flow distributorMarvin Liu
2017-07-27framework test_case: do not rerun failed case without rerun optionMarvin Liu
2017-07-27framework: fix multiple output instances after rerunMarvin Liu
2017-07-27conf: add suite and case level configuration sampleMarvin Liu
2017-07-27framework: enhance test case execution processMarvin Liu
2017-07-27framework config: support suite&case level configurationMarvin Liu