AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-02test plan: add tx preparation test plan17.02Xueqin Lin
2017-03-02tests pmd: add single core performance caseYulong Pei
2017-03-02tests l3fwd: fix issues in performance testYulong Pei
2017-02-27test_plans checksum_offload: fix format errorPeng Yuan
2017-02-23test_plans: add VF daemon test planXueqin Lin
2017-02-23tests checksum_offload: add rx checksum valid flag casePeng Yuan
2017-02-23test_plans checksum_offload: add rx checksum valid flags casePeng Yuan
2017-02-23tests vf_rss: fix error when get VF socketLijuan Tu
2017-02-21tests vf_vlan: fix some issuesLijuan Tu
2017-02-21tests: add vhost_pmd_xstats suitexu,gang
2017-02-20tests: utilize vm cleanup function for stop vmLijuan Tu
2017-02-20tests link_status_interrupt: optimize code logic and adapt to new output messagexu,gang
2017-02-20framework tester: support simultaneous transmissionMarvin Liu
2017-02-20tests: add suite for external mempool handlerMarvin Liu
2017-02-20test_plans: add test plan for external mempool handlerMarvin Liu
2017-02-20framework settings: support sageville VF deviceLijuan Tu
2017-02-04tests ipfrag: fix fragmented packet check incorrectlyMarvin Liu
2017-02-04framework packet: support packet filter in sniff commandMarvin Liu
2017-01-23framework ssh_pexpect: fix scp file truncated issueMarvin Liu
2017-01-22tests fortville_rss_granularity_config: fix format issuePeng Yuan
2017-01-19framework net_device: fix arguments errorLijuan Tu
2017-01-19framework net_device: fix undefined function on FreeBSDLijuan Tu
2017-01-18tests multiprocess: select lower-numbered cores for secondary processJianbo Liu
2017-01-18tests userspace_ethtool: support firmware/bus-info queryyufengmx
2017-01-18test_plans userspace_ethtool: support firmware/bus-info queryyufengmx
2017-01-16test_plans: add floating VEB test plan planPeng Yuan
2017-01-16framework: fix dts suite-dir parameter not workyufengmx
2017-01-16tests: add floating_veb test suitepeng yuan
2017-01-16tests: utilize check_tx_bytes function for check testpmd tx_bytesxu,huilong
2017-01-16framework pmd_output: add check_tx_bytes function for check testpmd tx_bytesxu,huilong
2017-01-16framework: cleanup vm when suite finishedLijuan Tu
2017-01-16test_plan: add interrupt_pmd test planxu,gang
2017-01-16framework crb: support socket paramater when require all logic coresLiu, Yong
2017-01-12framework: fix ping6 parameter to interface name for link local addressGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-01-12tests: fix pmd_bonded for an expected string while creating bonded deviceGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-01-11tests sriov_kvm: fix second vm not start issueRami Rosen
2017-01-11Merge branch 'v16.11'Marvin Liu
2017-01-11tests sriov_kvm: fix a typo issue16.11Rami Rosen
2017-01-11framework packet: src mac won't be set in some scenariosyufengmx
2017-01-11test_plans sriov_kvm: set max_vfs to 4 when creating 4 VFRami Rosen
2017-01-11tests kni: fix ifconfig and ping issue on some OSxu,huilong
2017-01-06framework project_dpdk: i40e/fm10k configuration name changedxu,huilong
2017-01-06framework&suites: change tools folder name to usertoolsxu,huilong
2017-01-04tests ipgre: update to dpdk16.11yufengmx
2017-01-04framework dts: report error in execution processMarvin Liu
2017-01-04framework settings: add support for global error statusMarvin Liu
2017-01-04tests: add veb switch suitepeng yuan
2017-01-04test_plans veb switch: modify test plan formatpeng yuan
2017-01-04framework dpdk: update rxmode configurationxu,huilong
2016-12-29tests: add suite for vhost/virtio loopback performancelei yao