AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-11tests sriov_kvm: fix a typo issue16.11Rami Rosen
2017-01-11framework packet: src mac won't be set in some scenariosyufengmx
2017-01-11test_plans sriov_kvm: set max_vfs to 4 when creating 4 VFRami Rosen
2017-01-11tests kni: fix ifconfig and ping issue on some OSxu,huilong
2017-01-04tests ipgre: update to dpdk16.11yufengmx
2017-01-04framework dts: report error in execution processMarvin Liu
2017-01-04framework settings: add support for global error statusMarvin Liu
2017-01-04tests: add veb switch suitepeng yuan
2017-01-04test_plans veb switch: modify test plan formatpeng yuan
2017-01-04framework dpdk: update rxmode configurationxu,huilong
2016-12-29tests: add suite for vhost/virtio loopback performancelei yao
2016-12-28test_plans: add test plan for vhost_pmd_xstatsxu,gang
2016-12-28unit_tests: fix timeout on FreeBSDxu,gang
2016-12-22tests: add vhost/virtio pvp performance testlei yao
2016-12-20Merge branch 'master' of Liu
2016-12-20framework qemu_kvm: add server mode and multi queue supportlei yao
2016-12-20tests fdir: fix NNT ipv6 fwd failurexu,huilong
2016-12-20framework qemu_kvm: add server mode and multi queue supportlei yao
2016-12-20tests fdirL: fix NNT ipv6 fwd failurexu,huilong
2016-12-14test kni: fix ping6 and stress case issue on Fedora25xu,huilong
2016-12-14test_plans sriov_kvm_test_plan: use VM0 instead of VM1Rami Rosen
2016-12-14tests rxtx_callbacks: fix attribute missing errorxu,gang
2016-12-14framework packet: support transmit specified number of packetsxu,gang
2016-12-07Following the discussion of moving to Linux Foundation, add contributorMarvin Liu
2016-11-23Merge branch 'master' of Liu
2016-11-23tests: add hotplug suitexu,gang
2016-11-23tests: add hotplug suitexu,gang
2016-11-23tests vf_packet_rxtx: optimize code logicLijuan Tu
2016-11-23framework project_dpdk: fix dpdk recompile errorJianbo Liu
2016-11-23tests unit_tests_mempool: prolong mempool_perf waiting timeJianbo Liu
2016-11-23tests unit_test_*: specify the coremask to use fewer DUT's coresJianbo Liu
2016-11-23tests link_status_interrupt: fix device bind errorxu,gang
2016-11-22tests: update for packet outer layer type changexu,huilong
2016-11-22tests vm_power_manager: merge to latest frameworkLijuan Tu
2016-11-15checklist: vf_rss only support by niantic and fortvilleLijuan Tu
2016-11-15tests checksum_offload: fix variable name typoxu,huilong
2016-11-14framework dut: set the number of hugepage for arm64 platformJianbo Liu
2016-10-27tests: add test suite for mempool external handlerMarvin Liu
2016-10-27test_plans: add mempool external handler test planMarvin Liu
2016-10-27framework ssh_pexpect: fix typo issuexu,gang
2016-10-26framework tester: workaround random packet check issueMarvin Liu
2016-10-26framework packet: support ip layer elements stripMarvin Liu
2016-10-26framework utils: add function to convert ipaddressMarvin Liu
2016-10-26framework debugger: fix rerun commandMarvin Liu
2016-10-26framework ssh_pexpect: fix scp error on FreeBSDxu,gang
2016-10-26framework crb: fix can't get lcore listxu,gang
2016-10-19tests: add magnolia park supportPeng Yuan
2016-10-19framework: add magnolia park supportPeng Yuan
2016-10-14tests: remove re-compile test app in unit test suitexu,huilong
2016-10-14tests checksum_offload: update for ip won't changexu,huilong