AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-08-18Merge branch 'next' into 1.11.1Marvin Liu
2015-08-14Enable fdir sctp testing and fix flow director flex bytes with sctp packetMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Remove useless file ixiacfg.pyMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Load configuration file replace of import objectMarvin Liu
Support configuration file based ixia options. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Add ixia configuration fileMarvin Liu
This is sample file for ixia configuration. User need configure three options "ixia_version", "ixia_ip" and "ixia_ports". Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Support load ixia configuration fileMarvin Liu
Move ixia configurations from internal python file to configuration file. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Load CRBs information from configuration fileMarvin Liu
Now crb instance will be loaded from configuration file. Remove useless staffs from Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Move function accepted_nic to dts moduleMarvin Liu
This function will use varaiable in dts. Moved to dts module will make settings module independent from it. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Add sample crbs configuration fileMarvin Liu
This file is sample file for CRBS configuration. User need to configure every option in the file. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Support load crbs configuration fileMarvin Liu
Move CRBs configruations from internal python file to configuration file. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13set autoneg same with flowctrlchangru
Signed-off-by: changru <>
2015-08-13Optimize kill_all functionMarvin Liu
Before call system kill, strip all dpdk process pids. After kill all, check there's no dpdk process alive and clean host session buffer. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13fix issue of dpdk early quit in vlanchangru
Signed-off-by: changru <>
2015-08-13Merge branch '1.1'Marvin Liu
2015-08-13Add simple tool to dump function and performance caseMarvin Liu
Dump separated performance and function case with json format. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-13Update performance test part for 40G case.Qian Xu
Signed-off-by: Qian Xu <> For FVL40G NICs, we need 2 queues per port and the --rss-ip options for best performance, also the traffic needs to be changed, not fixed one.
2015-08-13Support numa test in vm_power_manager suiteMarvin Liu
Add set_vm_cpu API in qemu_libvirtd module. Skip load global configuration when user has been configured first. Start another VM with socket 1 cpus and check core mask correct on host. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-12Add simple one stop tool for setup DTS running environmentMarvin Liu
This tool can generate DTS basic configuration file like 'crbs.cfg', 'execution.cfg', 'ixia.cfg', 'ports.cfg'. With these configuration files ready, DTS should be able to run on crb. This tool will change input options based on user input. So need to take care some important settings as 'Whether run performance execution' and 'Choose one of nics'. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-12Add parse option module in DTS toolsMarvin Liu
This module support new simple way to interact with user. Now it support several types of inputs like "string", "int", "bool", "chice", "multichoice". With these inputs, user can chose in several options or just keyboard the input. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-11update check case listhuilong xu
2015-08-10add check case function in run case modulehuilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-08-10add case skip result when case runninghuilong xu
1. add parse_file class for get check case info form execl file, and send check function list from tabel head. 2. add case_skip class for check case is skip or running. a)from talbe head get check function list. excep "case name", "wq request", "comments" b)when add a new check rule in excel file, you must add a check function in this clase, the function name is "check_rule" and parameter is a list. eg, add kernel rule in excel table head. you need add function check_kernerl(self,kernel_type) if you not add the function, it will ignore this rule. Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-08-10add case skip result when case runninghuilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-08-10add N/A result in test reporthuilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-08-10add check case listhuilong xu
1. add a excel file(excel 1997-2003) for set skip case check list 2. table format +---------+---+----+------+----------+--------+ |case name|os |nic |target|wq request|comments| +---------+---+----+------+----------+--------+ case name is which case need ti skip. os is which os need to skip, if mutil os, need used ',' to division. the dut os set in, and dut provide function, os_get_type() nic is which nic type to skip, if mutil nic type, need used ',' to division target as same with nic wq request and comments is the message, when case skip. if you want ignore some check option, you can set value is "all" Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-08-07Fix issue in ipv4_reassemblychangru
Signed-off-by: changru <>
2015-08-04Move vm dut close and log exit function from suite to virt_base moduleMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-08-04fix reset_queues case failed, when nic on sock 1huilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-07-28Enable ipv6 for each tester port before scanMarvin Liu
If dts exit abnormal, tester port maybe remain ipv6 disabled. So before scan dut port, need make sure tester port ipv6 enable. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-28fix bug that vf device do not have sysfs attribute sriov_numvfsMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-28fix bug that vm_dut has no attribute NameMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-24fix bug that vxlan sample decap function check failureMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-23Enhance unified packet type feature test planMarvin Liu
Enhance i350 and niantic packet type detect case. Forville l2 type named changed from "MAC" to "Ether". Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-21add execution configuration for scalar/vector/full rx functionMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-21fix pep8 issue in qemu_kvm moduleMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-21Update vhost-cuse qemu start up commands in testcaseQian Xu
Update vhost-cuse qemu start up commands with some virtio parameters. Signed-off-by: Qian Xu <>
2015-07-21Add vhost-cuse parameters for virtio.Qian Xu
Add vhost-cuse qemu start up parameters interface in the framework. Signed-off-by: Qian Xu <>
2015-07-21fix bug that packet type detect failureMarvin Liu
Packet type value changed after unified packet type. So suite need modification as consequence. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-20fix synax error in queue start stop suiteMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-20fix failed case rss hash key size and set_promiscuousmodehuilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-07-20fix pep8 issue in vlan and dual vlan caseMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-20fix that tx_vlan command changed sequencechangru
Signed-off-by: changru <>
2015-07-20Do not remount hugepage file system when it still mountedMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-20Remove vhost socket file before start vxlan sampleMarvin Liu
Vxlan sample will remove socket file if exited normally. When something wrong and vhost socket existed, vxlan sample will not start as normal. Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-20Remove session from session list after session closedMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-17add debug info for queue start stop casehuilong xu
Signed-off-by: huilong xu <>
2015-07-17fix bug that when tester port is IXIA should not change ipv6 settingMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-17fix bug that virt_dut close function not have attributeMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-17Skip setup host target when virtual scenario module has done itMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>
2015-07-17Support start testpmd with assigned core listMarvin Liu
Signed-off-by: Marvin Liu <>