AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-17Add new exception type for dpdk host environment failureMarvin Liu
2015-07-17Add dpdk host virtualization scenario configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-07-17Support virtualization scenario that use dpdk as host PF driverMarvin Liu
2015-07-17fix bug that cmdline set_up_all failed because of time outYongjie
2015-07-17Modify the method to rescan ports base on freebsd or linuxchangru
2015-07-14Remove log message when there's no process existing after kill_allMarvin Liu
2015-07-14check dpdk process and hugepage status after kill dpdk processhuilong xu
2015-07-14Clear all buffers before every test suiteMarvin Liu
2015-07-14fix bug that after enable ipv6, ipv6 address still not appear on FVLMarvin Liu
2015-07-14Optimize execution exit functionMarvin Liu
2015-07-14Optimize interface enable ipv6 and disable ipv6 functionMarvin Liu
2015-07-14fix bug that virt dut created by virtual scenario module can't init log and c...Marvin Liu
2015-07-14fix bug that multi test case arguments not coverted into listMarvin Liu
2015-07-14fix bug that VM not destroyed when connect failed with VMMarvin Liu
2015-07-14fix bug that virtualization log not save in SUITE.logMarvin Liu
2015-07-14add rss hash key size caseMarvin Liu
2015-07-13fix ieee1588 enable case failed for fortville and niantic NIChuilong xu
2015-07-13add ieee1588 test suite for fortville NIChuilong xu
2015-07-13Optimize rescan_ports function with read cache optionMarvin Liu
2015-07-13add vhost-user one vm sample testQian Xu
2015-07-13add vhost-cuse one vm sampleQian Xu
2015-07-13add vhost-user sample config file for referenceQian Xu
2015-07-13add vhost-cuse sample config file for referenceQian Xu
2015-07-13add vhost-cuse implementations for virtio pci deviceQian Xu
2015-07-13Close host sessions if it existed after all case doneMarvin Liu
2015-07-10fix bug that read_cache option not workMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add test suite for vm power management featureMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add test plan for vm power management featureMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add VM configuration file for vm power management featureMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add libvirtd based hypervisor moduleMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add hook function before IXIA stop transmissionMarvin Liu
2015-07-10Add folder Depends in settingsMichael Qiu
2015-07-09Changed output folder to default for auto-regression testMarvin Liu
2015-07-09tests: Add RRC support with vlan suiteMichael Qiu
2015-07-09tests: Add RRC support in suite scatterMichael Qiu
2015-07-09tests: Add RRC support with jumbo frameMichael Qiu
2015-07-09Clear all sessions before running each test caseMarvin Liu
2015-07-09fix bug that virtualization module not work with IXIA portmapMarvin Liu
2015-07-09Change default e1000 interface pci adress to 00:1F:00Marvin Liu
2015-07-09fix bug that unbound device then run dts will show wrong interfaceMarvin Liu
2015-07-09disabled outer-ip hardware checksum offload when outer-ip is ipv6Marvin Liu
2015-07-08fix multi_process bugsTangHaifeng
2015-07-08tests: Add RRC support for queue_start_stop caseMichael Qiu
2015-07-08Enhance set_target function for check whether bind devicesMarvin Liu
2015-07-08Add qemu option support in virtualization frameworkMarvin Liu
2015-07-08Change output folder path and optimize virt dut logMarvin Liu
2015-07-06fix fovtille queue start/stop failed casehuilong xu
2015-07-03Fix issues of freebsd frameworkchangru
2015-07-03Add test plan for unified packet typeMarvin Liu
2015-07-03fix case test_whitelist_add_remove_mac_address failed for fovtille NIChuilong xu