AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-18Merge branch 'next' into 1.11.1Marvin Liu
2015-08-14Enable fdir sctp testing and fix flow director flex bytes with sctp packetMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Remove useless file ixiacfg.pyMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Load configuration file replace of import objectMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Add ixia configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Support load ixia configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Load CRBs information from configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Move function accepted_nic to dts moduleMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Add sample crbs configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Support load crbs configuration fileMarvin Liu
2015-08-13set autoneg same with flowctrlchangru
2015-08-13Optimize kill_all functionMarvin Liu
2015-08-13fix issue of dpdk early quit in vlanchangru
2015-08-13Merge branch '1.1'Marvin Liu
2015-08-13Add simple tool to dump function and performance caseMarvin Liu
2015-08-13Update performance test part for 40G case.Qian Xu
2015-08-13Support numa test in vm_power_manager suiteMarvin Liu
2015-08-12Add simple one stop tool for setup DTS running environmentMarvin Liu
2015-08-12Add parse option module in DTS toolsMarvin Liu
2015-08-11update check case listhuilong xu
2015-08-10add check case function in run case modulehuilong xu
2015-08-10add case skip result when case runninghuilong xu
2015-08-10add case skip result when case runninghuilong xu
2015-08-10add N/A result in test reporthuilong xu
2015-08-10add check case listhuilong xu
2015-08-07Fix issue in ipv4_reassemblychangru
2015-08-04Move vm dut close and log exit function from suite to virt_base moduleMarvin Liu
2015-08-04fix reset_queues case failed, when nic on sock 1huilong xu
2015-07-28Enable ipv6 for each tester port before scanMarvin Liu
2015-07-28fix bug that vf device do not have sysfs attribute sriov_numvfsMarvin Liu
2015-07-28fix bug that vm_dut has no attribute NameMarvin Liu
2015-07-24fix bug that vxlan sample decap function check failureMarvin Liu
2015-07-23Enhance unified packet type feature test planMarvin Liu
2015-07-21add execution configuration for scalar/vector/full rx functionMarvin Liu
2015-07-21fix pep8 issue in qemu_kvm moduleMarvin Liu
2015-07-21Update vhost-cuse qemu start up commands in testcaseQian Xu
2015-07-21Add vhost-cuse parameters for virtio.Qian Xu
2015-07-21fix bug that packet type detect failureMarvin Liu
2015-07-20fix synax error in queue start stop suiteMarvin Liu
2015-07-20fix failed case rss hash key size and set_promiscuousmodehuilong xu
2015-07-20fix pep8 issue in vlan and dual vlan caseMarvin Liu
2015-07-20fix that tx_vlan command changed sequencechangru
2015-07-20Do not remount hugepage file system when it still mountedMarvin Liu
2015-07-20Remove vhost socket file before start vxlan sampleMarvin Liu
2015-07-20Remove session from session list after session closedMarvin Liu
2015-07-17add debug info for queue start stop casehuilong xu
2015-07-17fix bug that when tester port is IXIA should not change ipv6 settingMarvin Liu
2015-07-17fix bug that virt_dut close function not have attributeMarvin Liu
2015-07-17Skip setup host target when virtual scenario module has done itMarvin Liu
2015-07-17Support start testpmd with assigned core listMarvin Liu