AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daystests/dual_vlan: fix two typosHEADmasterRami Rosen
7 daystests/dual_vlan: fix a typo in dual vlan test moduleRami Rosen
7 daystests/ddp_gtp: choose the VF passthrough method by the configLuo Gaoliang
7 daysframework/ pull the name after bound the interface to kernel driverLuo Gaoliang
8 daystests: add test case about virito1.1 inorder mac pathlihong
8 daystest_plans/vf_kernel: correct command pathXueqin Lin
8 daystests: Add test suite about pvp multi path of virtio single core performancelihong
8 daystests: Add testsuite of loopback multi path port restartlihong
8 daystests: Add testsuit about pvp multi path performancelihong
8 daystests/vf_daemon: correct python syntaxXueqin Lin
8 daystest_plans/vf_daemon: correct grammar and commandXueqin Lin
8 daystests/vf_rss: correct typoXueqin Lin
8 daystests/vf_macfilter: correct case descriptionXueqin Lin
8 daystest_plans/vf_macfilter: correct case description and commandXueqin Lin
8 daysframework/qemu_kvm: add crypto option supportXinfeng Zhao
8 daystests: add the cryptodev unit-test suite and confXinfeng Zhao
8 daysframwork/project_dpdk: remove build_install_dpdk_test_appWenjie Li
8 daystest_plans: add test plan about loadbalancerchangqingxwu
2019-03-08tests/vhost_pmd_xstats: Detect the categories of packet size from xstatsLuo Gaoliang
2019-03-08test_plans\vf_offload: fix name of a parameter in VF offload test planRami Rosen
2019-03-08test_plans/pmd: clarify pmd test planLijuan Tu
2019-03-08tests\unit_tests_power: add comment for the test ENV requirement of Power Uni...Lei Yao
2019-03-08tests\kni: change the pass criteria for kni statisticLei Yao
2019-03-08Add test suite about pvp multi path vhost single core performancelihong
2019-03-08test_plan: modify the cryptodev perf test planXinfeng Zhao
2019-03-08tests: modify the cryptodev performance test suite and confXinfeng Zhao
2019-03-05doc/dts_gsg: fix table build warningv19.02Lijuan Tu
2019-03-05fix version to align with DPDK 19.02.0Lijuan Tu
2019-03-04test_plans/loopback_virtio_user_server_mode:fix formatWenjie Li
2019-03-04test_plans/checksum_offload: fix name of a parameterRami Rosen
2019-03-01test_plans: fix build warningWenjie Li
2019-03-01pmd_bonded_8023ad: upload automation scriptyufengmx
2019-03-01test_plans: add loopback virtio-user server mode testWang Yinan
2019-03-01conf/supportlist:Update the NICs supported by the case.zhu,shuai
2019-03-01tests: upload pmd_stacked_bonded automation scriptyufengmx
2019-03-01pmd_bonding: common methods used by bonding suitesyufengmx
2019-03-01remove duplicate external mempool handler test plan and scriptlihong
2019-03-01test_plan: add test plan for testpmd stacked bondedyufengmx
2019-03-01test_plan: add test plan for testpmd bonding/802.3ad modeyufengmx
2019-02-27tests: Add test suite of l3fwdacllihong
2019-02-27test_plans: Add test plan about l3fwdacllihong
2019-02-27test plans:add test plan for loopback multi-paths test add test_plans/loopbac...Wang Yinan
2019-02-27test_plans/pvp_multi_paths_virtio_single_core_performanc: add test plan of PV...Wang Yinan
2019-02-27test_plans/pvp_multi_paths_vhost_single_core_performanc: add test plan of PVP...Wang Yinan
2019-02-27test_plans/pvp_multi_paths_performanc: add test plan of PVP multi-pathsWang Yinan
2019-02-26tests/vf macfilter: add rxq txq for host testpmd in ixgbezhao,meijuan
2019-02-26tests/vf packet rxtx:add rxq txq for host testpmd in ixgbezhao,meijuan
2019-02-26tests: add power unit testLei Yao
2019-02-26tests: add to testsPeng Yuan
2019-02-26tests/fortville_rss_granularity_config: re-encapsulate casesPeng Yuan