AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daystest_plans: add tx checksum case to rxtx_offload_test_plan.rstHEADmasterPeng Yuan
7 daystests/vhost_pmd_xstats: fix a typoRami Rosen
7 daystest_plans: fix a typo in several test plansRami Rosen
7 daysframework: add a new subtitle paramaterRami Rosen
7 daystso: Add cavium devices in support devices for tso testPhanendra Vukkisala
7 dayssettings: Add cavium device PCI and Driver detailsPhanendra Vukkisala
7 daysRemove importing unused variables/methodsPhanendra Vukkisala
7 dayspmdpcap: Import only required methods instead of allPhanendra Vukkisala
7 daystests/jumboframe: rephrase a commentRami Rosen
7 daystest_plans/index: fix build warningWenjie Li
7 daystest_plans: fix build error/warningWenjie Li
7 daystest_plans/virtio_ipsec_cryptodev_func: use a PNG file to show the topologyWenjie Li
7 daystests: add test suite about l2fwd jobstatschangqingxwu
7 daystest_plans/kernelpf_iavf: add test plan for kernel pf iavfXueqin Lin
7 daysAdd testsuite vhost virtio user interruptlihong
8 daysAdd testsuite vhost event idx interruptlihong
8 daysAdd testsuite vhost enqueue interruptlihong
8 daystests/flow_classify_softnic: shorten excution runtimexiao,qimai
8 dayspmdrss_hash: update function send_packet of pmdrss_hash to reduce runtimexiao,qimai
8 dayspmdrssreta: update case pmdrssreta to reduce runtimexiao,qimai
8 daysreplace protocal with protocol in all test plansRami Rosen
8 daystests/vf_daemon: add show and clear statistics caseXueqin Lin
8 daysgeneric_flow_api: improve the method of verify_resultlihong
12 daystests/rss_to_rte_flow: update rss_to_rte_flow to reduce runtimexiao,qimai
12 daystests: Correct the class namePeng Yuan
12 daystest_plans: add test plan of compressdev_isal_pmdZhe Wan
12 daystest_plans: add test plan of compressdev_zlib_pmdZhe Wan
12 daystest_plans: add test plan of compressdev_qat_pmdZhe Wan
2019-05-06tests/vlan: add support for Huawei hinicRami Rosen
2019-05-06test_plans/rxtx_offload: rephrase a commentRami Rosen
2019-05-06tests/unit_tests_loopback: increase the timeout thresholdWenjie Li
2019-05-06add test plan of vxlan gpe support in i40elihong
2019-05-06tests/change_linkspeed: precise judgment conditionzhuwenhui
2019-04-24tests/dynamic_queue: Adding max_pools parameter for cavium_a063Praneeth Reddy
2019-04-24tests/pmdrssreta: Added hash_index calucation & rss key-size for cavium_a063.Thanseerulhaq
2019-04-24test_plans/af_xdp_test_plan: correct typo errorsPeng Yuan
2019-04-24tests/rss_to_rte_flow: Adding seperate packet verification condition for cavi...Praneeth Reddy
2019-04-24tests/dual_vlan: vlan_stripq_config is not supported for cavium_a063Praneeth Reddy
2019-04-24tests/unit_tests_pmd_perf: Added support to match Single socket CPU list usin...thaq
2019-04-24tests/ipfrag: add method name in error messageRami Rosen
2019-04-24test_plans/vhost_enqueue_interrupt: add test plan for vhost enqueue interrupt...Wang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/virtio_event_idx_interrupt: add test plan for virtio event idx int...Wang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/vhost_event_idx_interrupt: add test plan for vhost event idx testWang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/loopback_multi_queues: add test plan for loopback multi-queues testWang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/loopback_multi_paths_port_restart: add test plan for loopback mult...Wang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/vhost_virtio_user_interrupt: add test plan for vhost/virtio-user testWang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/vhost_virtio_pmd_interrupt: add test plan for vhost/virtio-pmd int...Wang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/vm2vm_virtio_pmd: add test plan for vm2vm virtio-pmd testWang Yinan
2019-04-24test_plans/vm2vm_virtio_net_perf: add test plan for vm2vm virtio-net performa...Wang Yinan
2019-04-24tests/vf_packet_rxtx: disable promisc mode to forbid misc packetszhang,yan