BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.1Merge branch 'next' into 1.1Marvin Liu4 years
16.11tests sriov_kvm: fix a typo issueRami Rosen3 years
17.02test plan: add tx preparation test planXueqin Lin3 years
17.08Merge branch 'master' into v17.08Marvin Liu2 years
18.05tests/runtime_queue_number: change VF number according to NIC typePeng Yuan16 months
18.08test_plans/dynamic_queue: fix usage of bind scriptRami Rosen15 months
mastertests/runtime_vf_queue_number: add caseJianwei Mei10 days
nexttests/nic_single_core_perf: update pktgen input parameteryufengmx3 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  dts-19.08.tar.gz  dts-19.08.tar.xz  Lijuan Tu7 weeks  dts-19.05.tar.gz  dts-19.05.tar.xz  Lijuan Tu5 months  dts-19.02.tar.gz  dts-19.02.tar.xz  Lijuan Tu8 months  dts-18.11.tar.gz  dts-18.11.tar.xz  Lijuan Tu11 months  dts-18.02.tar.gz  dts-18.02.tar.xz  Marvin Liu19 months  dts-17.11.tar.gz  dts-17.11.tar.xz  Marvin Liu22 months  dts-17.05.tar.gz  dts-17.05.tar.xz  Lijuan Tu2 years  dts-16.04.tar.gz  dts-16.04.tar.xz  Rami Rosen4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daystests/runtime_vf_queue_number: add caseHEADmasterJianwei Mei
10 daystests/TestSuite_sriov_kvm:modify bug and increase compatibilityXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daystests/TestSuite_l3fwd:ipv6 has no layer IP-0Jianwei Mei
10 daystests/TestSuite_kernelpf_iavf:Modify the wrong matching methodzhang,yan
10 daysadd support for cvlPeng Zhihong
10 daystests/vf_jumboframe: correct a typoGaoliang Luo
10 daystests/TestSuite_vf_jumboframe:Optimize the code to exit testpmdzhang,yan
10 daystests/multiple_pthread: replace the hard codehanyingya
10 daystests/l3fwdacl: increase time tcpdump capture dataXiaoxiao Zeng
10 daysadd cvl support for VECTOR configurationPeng Zhihong