AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
34 hoursvhost: support requests only handled by external backendHEADmasterMaxime Coquelin
34 hoursvhost: add API to set protocol features flagsMaxime Coquelin
34 hoursnet/virtio: improve batching in standard Rx pathTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: add ctrl vq helper for split ringTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: add interrupt helper for split ringTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: drop unused field in Tx region structureTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: drop redundant suffix in packed ring structureTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: refactor virtqueue structureTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: optimize flags update for packed ringTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: add missing barrier in interrupt enableTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: fix interrupt helper for packed ringTiwei Bie
34 hoursnet/virtio: fix typo in packed ring initTiwei Bie
34 hoursvhost: fix interrupt suppression for the split ringJiayu Hu
34 hoursnet/virtio-user: fix multiqueue support with vhost kernelTiwei Bie
34 hoursvhost: prevent disabled rings to be processed with zero-copyMaxime Coquelin
47 hoursnet/qede: fix receive packet dropShahed Shaikh
47 hoursethdev: fix method name in ethdev header file commentRami Rosen
47 hoursapp/testpmd: fix a typo in log messageRami Rosen
47 hoursapp/testpmd: remove unused field from port structDavid Marchand
2 daysnet/ixgbe: restore VLAN filter for ixgbevfDavid Harton
2 daysnet/mlx5: support new representor naming formatDekel Peled
6 daysnet/nfp: fix RSS queryAlejandro Lucero
6 daysapp/testpmd: optimize MAC swap by using neon intrinsicsRuifeng Wang
6 daysnet/bnxt: suppress spurious error logStephen Hemminger
6 daysnet/bnxt: silence IOVA warningsStephen Hemminger
6 daysnet/bnxt: use NOTICE as default log levelStephen Hemminger
6 daysnet/bnxt: do not double space version messageStephen Hemminger
6 daysnet/bnxt: change PTP message to DEBUG levelStephen Hemminger
6 daysnet/mlx5: fix packet inline on Tx queue wraparoundShahaf Shuler
8 daysnet/qede: support IOVA VA modeKevin Traynor
8 daysethdev: use strlcpy instead of snprintf on initializationStephen Hemminger
8 daysethdev: replace snprintf with strlcpyStephen Hemminger
8 daysnet/i40e: fix time sync for 25GQi Zhang
8 daysnet/nfp: fix setting MAC addressPablo Cascón
8 daysnet/i40e: update requested queue pair num check for roundingKevin Traynor
8 daysgit: ignore build directoriesBruce Richardson
8 daysgit: ignore hidden filesBruce Richardson
8 daysgit: ignore python bytecode filesBruce Richardson
8 daysgit: add comments for ignored filesBruce Richardson
8 daysdevtools: fix meson build test to exit on failureBruce Richardson
9 daysmk: use linux and freebsd in config namesBruce Richardson
9 daysbuild: rename linuxapp to linux in meson cross filesBruce Richardson
9 daysbuild/freebsd: rename macro BSDPAPP to FREEBSDBruce Richardson
9 daysbuild/linux: rename macro from LINUXAPP to LINUXBruce Richardson
9 dayseal/linux: rename linuxapp to linuxBruce Richardson
9 dayseal/bsd: rename bsdapp to freebsdBruce Richardson
2019-03-06test/crypto: fix duplicate id used by CCP deviceHemant Agrawal
2019-03-06cryptodev: rework modexp and modinv commentsArek Kusztal
2019-03-06crypto/openssl: fix modexpArek Kusztal
2019-03-06crypto/openssl: fix big numbers after computationsArek Kusztal