BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masternet/softnic: add support for service coresCristian Dumitrescu2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-07net/softnic: add support for service coresHEADmasterCristian Dumitrescu
2019-01-07test/test_meter: update meter test to include RFC4115 metersEelco Chaudron
2019-01-07lib/librte_meter: add RFC4115 trTCM meter supportEelco Chaudron
2019-01-03net/ice: fix build with debug enabledJerin Jacob
2019-01-03net/mlx5: add ConnectX-6 device IDsWisam Jaddo
2019-01-03net/mlx4: support flow w/o ETH spec and with VLANDekel Peled
2019-01-03net/mlx5: support modify header using Direct VerbsDekel Peled
2019-01-03net/ice: fix CRC stripQiming Yang
2019-01-03net/i40e: fix get RSS confQiming Yang
2018-12-23version: 19.02-rc1Thomas Monjalon