AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 hoursdrivers/net: fix possible overflow using strlcatHEADmasterfor-main-repoChaitanya Babu Talluri
25 hoursnet/bonding: fix rxq/txq index typesDavid Marchand
25 hoursnet/bonding: fix packet count type for LACPDavid Marchand
25 hoursnet/bonding: fix slave id typesDavid Marchand
25 hoursnet/bonding: fix bond port id typesDavid Marchand
25 hoursdoc: fix bond examplesDavid Marchand
25 hoursnet/cxgbe: fix missing csum flags and ptypeVishal Kulkarni
25 hoursnet/cxgbe: remove unused code in Rx pathVishal Kulkarni
25 hoursnet/bonding: fix LACP negotiation failureLiang Zhang
26 hoursethdev: check for invalid device nameStephen Hemminger
27 hoursnet/sfc: fix speed capabilities reported in device infoAndrew Rybchenko
27 hoursnet/dpaa2: accept packets with checksum errorShreyansh Jain
27 hoursnet/tap: fix getting max iovecOleg Polyakov
28 hoursnet/nfp: fix possible buffer overflowPallantla Poornima
2 daysapp/testpmd: fix stdout flush absence after printing statsIgor Romanov
2 daysethdev: highlight that all-multicast is retained on restartAndrew Rybchenko
2 daysethdev: advertise default MAC as retained on device restartAndrew Rybchenko
2 daysethdev: advertise MTU as retained across device stop/startAndrew Rybchenko
2 daysnet/ice: speed up to retrieve EEPROMLeyi Rong
2 daysvhost: support requests only handled by external backendMaxime Coquelin
2 daysvhost: add API to set protocol features flagsMaxime Coquelin
2 daysnet/virtio: improve batching in standard Rx pathTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: add ctrl vq helper for split ringTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: add interrupt helper for split ringTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: drop unused field in Tx region structureTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: drop redundant suffix in packed ring structureTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: refactor virtqueue structureTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: optimize flags update for packed ringTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: add missing barrier in interrupt enableTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: fix interrupt helper for packed ringTiwei Bie
2 daysnet/virtio: fix typo in packed ring initTiwei Bie
2 daysvhost: fix interrupt suppression for the split ringJiayu Hu
2 daysnet/virtio-user: fix multiqueue support with vhost kernelTiwei Bie
2 daysvhost: prevent disabled rings to be processed with zero-copyMaxime Coquelin
2 daysnet/octeontx: fix vdev nameStephen Hemminger
2 daysnet/enic: fix max MTU calculationHyong Youb Kim
2 daysexamples/ethtool: remove query of default configThomas Monjalon
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix xstats to return correct number of itemsIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix missing VLAN filter offloadIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: eliminate excessive log levels on Rx/TxIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix link configurationIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix EEPROM get for small and uneven lengthsPavel Belous
2 daysnet/atlantic: use EEPROM magic as a device addressPavel Belous
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix buffer overflowPavel Belous
2 daysnet/atlantic: remove extra checks for error codesIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: remove unused variableIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/atlantic: fix negative error codesIgor Russkikh
2 daysnet/qede: fix receive packet dropShahed Shaikh
2 daysethdev: fix method name in ethdev header file commentRami Rosen
2 daysapp/testpmd: fix a typo in log messageRami Rosen