BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
for-main-repoversion: 19.08-rc0Thomas Monjalon6 days
masterversion: 19.08-rc0Thomas Monjalon6 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  dpdk-next-net-19.05.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-19.05.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon7 days  dpdk-next-net-19.02.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-19.02.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon4 months  dpdk-next-net-18.11.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-18.11.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon6 months  dpdk-next-net-18.08.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-18.08.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon9 months  dpdk-next-net-18.05.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-18.05.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon12 months  dpdk-next-net-18.02.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-18.02.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon15 months  dpdk-next-net-17.11.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-17.11.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon18 months  dpdk-next-net-17.08.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-17.08.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon21 months  dpdk-next-net-17.05.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-17.05.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon2 years  dpdk-next-net-17.02.tar.gz  dpdk-next-net-17.02.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysversion: 19.08-rc0HEADmasterfor-main-repoThomas Monjalon
7 daysversion: 19.05.0v19.05Thomas Monjalon
7 daysdoc: announce power API changeMarcin Hajkowski
7 daysdoc: announce sched API changeJasvinder Singh
7 daysdoc: announce crypto API change for GCM IVArek Kusztal
7 daysdoc: announce API change for net defines/structs/funcsOlivier Matz
7 daysdoc: announce removal of memory config struct from APIErik Gabriel Carrillo
7 daysdoc: announce API change to remove exit calls in libsThomas Monjalon
7 daysdoc: prepare security process for vulnerabilitiesThomas Monjalon
7 daysdoc: update release notes for 19.05John McNamara