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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-20net/ice: reject duplicated flow for FDIRYahui Cao
2019-10-20net/ice: support FDIR counterYahui Cao
2019-10-20net/ice: add FDIR counter resource init/releaseYahui Cao
2019-10-20net/ice: enable FDIR queue groupYahui Cao
2019-10-20net/ice: add FDIR create and destroyYahui Cao
2019-10-20net/ice: configure HW FDIR ruleBeilei Xing
2019-10-20net/ice: enable flow director engineBeilei Xing
2019-10-20net/ixgbe: fix address of first segmentJoyce Kong
2019-10-20net/i40e: fix address of first segmentJoyce Kong
2019-10-20net/ice: invoke callback when link status changeLeyi Rong
2019-10-20net/ice: rework switch filterWei Zhao
2019-10-20net/ice: add pattern manifestYing A Wang
2019-10-20net/ice: rework for generic flow enablingYing A Wang
2019-10-20net/ice: add devargs to control pipeline modeQiming Yang
2019-10-20net/ice: clean up redundant assignment and indentationsYing A Wang
2019-10-20net/virtio: fix descriptor addressed in TxAndrew Rybchenko
2019-10-20net/virtio: fix Rx AltiVec path by getting all packetsDavid Christensen
2019-10-20net/virtio: fix Rx stats on AltiVec pathDavid Christensen
2019-10-20net/virtio: improve perf via one-way barriers on used flagJoyce Kong
2019-10-20net/virtio: improve perf via one-way barrier on avail flagJoyce Kong
2019-10-20net/ice: support RSS in AVX pathLeyi Rong
2019-10-20net/ice: support RSS in SSE pathLeyi Rong
2019-10-20net/ice: fix LUT type for RSSSimei Su
2019-10-20net/i40e: fix integer overflowXiao Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice: fix protocol extraction devargs parsingHaiyue Wang
2019-10-20net/ice: fix memory leak on dev closedHaiyue Wang
2019-10-20net/ice: add Rx/Tx burst mode get callbacksHaiyue Wang
2019-10-20net/i40e: add Rx/Tx burst mode get callbacksHaiyue Wang
2019-10-20net/bnxt: fix error handlingKalesh AP
2019-10-20net/bnxt: fix endianness while retrieving MTU from FWKalesh AP
2019-10-20net/bnxt: fix race between interrupt handler and dev configSomnath Kotur
2019-10-20net/bnxt: move macro definitions to header fileKalesh AP
2019-10-20net/bnxt: cleanup comments in sourceKalesh AP
2019-10-20net/bnxt: reset Rx allocation state on Rx queue restartLance Richardson
2019-10-20net/bnxt: fix dereference before null checkKalesh AP
2019-10-20net/ice/base: improve misc code styleQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: add QFI for flow directorQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: fix switch rule programming for all profilesQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: fix flow raw field vector extractionQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: fix unexpected switch rule overwriteQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: initialize structures to zeroQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: remove dead error conditionQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: improve flow director maskingQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: support GTPU TEID for flow directorQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: update flow packet type bitmapsQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: fix NVGRE switch rule programmingQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/ice/base: fix adding PPPoE switch ruleQi Zhang
2019-10-20net/dpaa2: set port in mbufNipun Gupta
2019-10-20net/memif: optimize with one-way barrierPhil Yang
2019-10-20net/qede: print adapter info during init failureRasesh Mody