path: root/drivers/net/ice/ice_ethdev.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-20net/ice: add flow mark hintQi Zhang
2019-11-20net/ice: fix flow director rule after device stopYahui Cao
2019-11-20net/ice: fix memzone reserve and release in flow directorShougang Wang
2019-11-20net/ice: fix link status recoveryQiming Yang
2019-11-11net/ice: optimize protocol extraction by dynamic mbufHaiyue Wang
2019-10-23net/ice: support flow director GTPU tunnelYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: support flow director VXLAN tunnelYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: reject duplicated flow for flow directorYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: support flow director counterYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: add flow director counter resource init/releaseYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: add flow director create and destroyYahui Cao
2019-10-23net/ice: configure HW flow director ruleBeilei Xing
2019-10-23net/ice: enable flow director engineBeilei Xing
2019-10-23net/ice: rework for generic flow enablingYing A Wang
2019-10-23net/ice: add devargs to control pipeline modeQiming Yang
2019-10-23net/ice: fix protocol extraction devargs parsingHaiyue Wang
2019-10-07net/ice: support protocol extraction per Rx queueHaiyue Wang
2019-10-07net/ice: support device-specific DDP package loadingTing Xu
2019-08-30net/ice: support multi-processXiao Zhang
2019-07-23net/ice: add safe mode devargQi Zhang
2019-07-03net/ice: add generic flow APIQiming Yang
2019-07-03net/ice: enable switch filterWei Zhao
2019-05-24net: add rte prefix to ether definesOlivier Matz
2019-05-24net: add rte prefix to ether structuresOlivier Matz
2019-04-12net/ice: fix max frame sizeQi Zhang
2019-03-29net/ice: fix speed capabilityChenmin Sun
2019-03-29net/ice: add safe modeQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: support vector SSE in RxWenzhuo Lu
2018-12-21net/ice: support RSSWenzhuo Lu
2018-12-21net/ice: support queue information gettingWenzhuo Lu
2018-12-21net/ice: support getting device informationWenzhuo Lu
2018-12-21net/ice: support device initializationWenzhuo Lu