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2018-04-04pipeline: add port in action APIsJasvinder Singh
This API provides a common set of actions for pipeline input ports to speed up application development. Each pipeline input port can be assigned an action handler to be executed on every input packet during the pipeline execution. The pipeline library allows the user to define his own input port actions by providing customized input port action handler. While the user can still follow this process, this API is intended to provide a quicker development alternative for a set of predefined actions. The typical steps to use this API are: * Define an input port action profile. * Instantiate the input port action profile to create input port action objects. * Use the input port action to generate the input port action handler invoked by the pipeline. * Use the input port action object to generate the internal data structures used by the input port action handler based on given action parameters. Signed-off-by: Cristian Dumitrescu <>