path: root/lib/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-12build/linux: rename macro from LINUXAPP to LINUXBruce Richardson
2019-02-25compat: merge compat library into EALBruce Richardson
2019-01-10lib: introduce IPsec libraryKonstantin Ananyev
2018-12-20meter: unify packet color definitionReshma Pattan
2018-10-27telemetry: introduce infrastructureCiara Power
2018-10-26ethdev: support MAC address as iterator filterThomas Monjalon
2018-10-26power: fix traffic aware buildDavid Hunt
2018-09-19lpm6: store rules in hash tableAlex Kiselev
2018-07-15devargs: add function to parse device layersGaetan Rivet
2018-07-15kvargs: introduce a more flexible parsing functionGaetan Rivet
2018-07-15kvargs: build before EALGaetan Rivet
2018-05-12bpf: add BPF loading and execution frameworkKonstantin Ananyev
2018-05-10compressdev: add basic device managementFiona Trahe
2018-05-10eventdev: add driver interface of crypto adapterAbhinandan Gujjar
2018-04-27ethdev: rename folder to library nameFerruh Yigit
2018-04-27ethdev: add common devargs parserRemy Horton
2018-04-16eventdev: add default software timer adapterErik Gabriel Carrillo
2018-01-31rawdev: introduce raw device libraryShreyansh Jain
2018-01-19bbdev: introduce wireless base band device libAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-16vhost: use API to make RARP packetXiao Wang
2018-01-11kni: fix build dependencyFerruh Yigit
2018-01-04lib: use SPDX tag for Intel copyright filesBruce Richardson
2017-10-26pci: introduce library and driverGaetan Rivet
2017-10-26security: introduce security API and frameworkAkhil Goyal
2017-10-24flow_classify: introduce flow classify libraryFerruh Yigit
2017-10-24mk: do not generate LDLIBS from directory dependenciesOlivier Matz
2017-10-12gso: support TCP/IPv4 GSOJiayu Hu
2017-10-12gso: add Generic Segmentation Offload API frameworkJiayu Hu
2017-10-10eventdev: add eth Rx adapter implementationNikhil Rao
2017-10-10eventdev: add capabilities APINikhil Rao
2017-10-09cfgfile: remove EAL dependencyJacek Piasecki
2017-10-09member: implement main APIYipeng Wang
2017-07-09lib/gro: add Generic Receive Offload API frameworkJiayu Hu
2017-07-07eventdev: add ring structure for eventsBruce Richardson
2017-04-05net: add CRC computation APIJasvinder Singh
2017-04-05latency: added new library for latency statsReshma Pattan
2017-04-05bitrate: add bitrate statistics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-05metrics: add information metrics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-04eventdev: remove unneeded dependenciesBruce Richardson
2017-04-04eventdev: implement the northbound APIsJerin Jacob
2017-03-30mk: fix dependencies to optional configsOlivier Matz
2017-03-27mk: optimize directory dependenciesOlivier Matz
2017-01-18efd: new Elastic Flow Distributor libraryPablo de Lara
2016-08-23ivshmem: remove library and its EAL integrationDavid Marchand
2016-06-16pdump: add new library for packet captureReshma Pattan
2016-03-10mbuf_offload: remove libraryDeclan Doherty
2016-03-01mk: replace the combined library with a linker scriptPanu Matilainen
2015-11-25mbuf_offload: introduce library to attach offloads to mbufDeclan Doherty
2015-11-25cryptodev: introduce API and framework for crypto devicesDeclan Doherty
2015-09-03mem: remove dummy malloc libraryThomas Monjalon