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2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add graceful teardownPavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add eventdev main loopPavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add service core setupPavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add event Rx/Tx adapter setupSunil Kumar Kori
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add eventdev queue and port setupSunil Kumar Kori
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add event device setupSunil Kumar Kori
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add infra to split eventdev frameworkSunil Kumar Kori
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add infra for eventdevPavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-04examples/l2fwd-event: add default poll mode routinesPavan Nikhilesh
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: send capabilities request from guestMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: send CPU capabilities on VM requestMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: add command to query CPU frequencyMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: add mechanism to disable queriesMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: process CPU frequency queryMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27power: extend guest channel for frequency queryMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: fix build without i40eDavid Hunt
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: send confirmation cmd to guestMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: process incoming confirmation cmdsMarcin Hajkowski
2019-10-27examples/l3fwd-power: fix Rx interrupt disablingXiao Zhang
2019-10-27examples/l3fwd: prefetch the content of the next packetFeifei Wang
2019-10-27examples/ioat: print statisticsMarcin Baran
2019-10-27examples/ioat: add two threads configurationPawel Modrak
2019-10-27examples/ioat: add rawdev copy modeMarcin Baran
2019-10-27examples/ioat: add software copy modeMarcin Baran
2019-10-27examples/ioat: add new sample app for ioat driverPawel Modrak
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: add guest cli to mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/vm_power: fix type of cmdline token in cliBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/server_node_efd: add server binary to meson buildBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/server_node_efd: add node binary to meson buildBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/performance-thread: add pthread shim to mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/performance-thread: add l3fwd-thread to mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/performance-thread: remove warning disablingBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/ethtool: build as part of meson buildBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/bpf: remove from list of examples to buildBruce Richardson
2019-10-27examples/ntb: add return code checksXiaoyun Li
2019-10-27kni: add ability to set min/max MTUIgor Ryzhov
2019-10-26examples/load_balancer: remove exampleCiara Power
2019-10-26examples/netmap-compat: remove exampleCiara Power
2019-10-26examples/quota-watermark: remove exampleCiara Power
2019-10-26examples/l3fwd-vf: remove exampleBruce Richardson
2019-10-26examples/exception_path: remove exampleBruce Richardson
2019-10-25examples: delete vhost SCSI exampleJin Yu
2019-10-25net: add new header file for VXLANFlavia Musatescu
2019-10-25examples/bpf: remove duplicate mbuf definitionKonstantin Ananyev
2019-10-25sched: add 64-bit valuesJasvinder Singh
2019-10-25examples/qos_sched: add subport config flexibilityJasvinder Singh
2019-10-25examples/ip_pipeline: add subport config flexibility to TMJasvinder Singh
2019-10-23examples/fips_validation: separate ECB and CBC initMichael Shamis
2019-10-23examples/fips_validation: support AES ECBMichael Shamis
2019-10-23examples/fips_validation: support TDES ECBMichael Shamis