path: root/drivers/net/mlx5/mlx5_stats.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-29net/mlx5: switch to the names in the shared IB contextViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-03-01net/mlx: prefix private structureThomas Monjalon
2018-12-13net/mlx5: report imissed statisticsTom Barbette
2018-11-16net/mlx5: fix initialization of struct membersAli Alnubani
2018-10-11net/mlx5: always use representor ifindex for ioctlShahaf Shuler
2018-10-11net/mlx5: add representor specific statisticsShahaf Shuler
2018-10-11net/mlx5: support missing counter in extended statisticsShahaf Shuler
2018-10-11net/mlx5: fix representor port xstatsXueming Li
2018-07-11net/mlx5: probe all port representorsAdrien Mazarguil
2018-05-23net/mlx5: fix count in xstatsDavid Marchand
2018-04-11align SPDX Mellanox copyrightsShahaf Shuler
2018-03-30net/mlx5: use dynamic loggingNélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx5: use port id in PMD logNélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx5: standardize on negative errno valuesNélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx5: prefix all functions with mlx5Nélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx5: remove control path locksNélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx5: mark parameters with unused attributeNélio Laranjeiro
2018-03-30net/mlx: control netdevices through ioctl onlyAdrien Mazarguil
2018-02-01net/mlx5: use SPDX tags in 6WIND copyrighted filesOlivier Matz
2018-01-22ethdev: separate driver APIsFerruh Yigit
2018-01-16net/mlx5: add physical port countersShahaf Shuler
2018-01-16net/mlx5: remove get priv internal functionNélio Laranjeiro
2018-01-16net/mlx5: cleanup allocation of ethtool statsThierry Herbelot
2017-10-12ethdev: add return value to stats get dev opMatan Azrad
2017-10-12net/mlx5: prefix Tx structures and functionsNélio Laranjeiro
2017-10-12net/mlx5: prefix Rx structures and functionsNélio Laranjeiro
2017-10-06net/mlx5: fix Tx stats error counter definitionShahaf Shuler
2017-10-06net/mlx5: fix locking in xstats functionsMatan Azrad
2017-10-06net/mlx5: remove pedantic pragmaNélio Laranjeiro
2017-04-04net/mlx5: fix extended statistics counters identificationShahaf Shuler
2017-04-04net/mlx5: fix extended statisticsShahaf Shuler
2017-04-04net/mlx5: remove unused interface name queryShahaf Shuler
2017-04-04net/mlx5: add out of buffer counter to extended statisticShahaf Shuler
2017-01-17net/mlx5: support extended statisticsShahaf Shuler
2016-09-30net/mlx: fix debug build with gcc 6.1Bruce Richardson
2016-03-25mlx5: allow operation in secondary processesOr Ami
2015-11-24mlx5: fix possible crash when clearing device statisticsAdrien Mazarguil
2015-10-30mlx5: add software countersAdrien Mazarguil