path: root/drivers/net/enic
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-03net/enic: report ring limits and preferred default valuesHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: initialize RQ fetch index before enabling RQHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: do not overwrite admin Tx queue limitHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: update the UDP RSS detection mechanismHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: fix receive packet typesHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: fix missing offload capabilitiesHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: fix flow drop actionHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: update UDP RSS controlsHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: fix RSS hash type advertisementHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: set rte errno to positive valueJohn Daley
2018-05-14net/enic: fix the MTU handler to rely on max packet lengthHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: enable RQ first and then post Rx buffersHyong Youb Kim
2018-04-27ethdev: add transfer attribute to flow APIAdrien Mazarguil
2018-04-27ethdev: fix TPID handling in flow APIAdrien Mazarguil
2018-04-27ethdev: alter behavior of flow API actionsAdrien Mazarguil
2018-04-27net/enic: fix uninitialized variableJohn Daley
2018-04-27net/enic: enable overlay offload for VXLAN and GENEVEHyong Youb Kim
2018-04-27net/enic: add primary MAC address handlerDavid Marchand
2018-04-14ethdev: replace bus specific struct with generic devFerruh Yigit
2018-04-14net/enic: support drop flow actionHyong Youb Kim
2018-04-14net/enic: fix crash on MTU update with non-setup queuesJohn Daley
2018-04-14net/enic: support UDP RSS on 1400 series adaptersJohn Daley
2018-04-14net/enic: do not flush descriptor cache when opening vNICHyong Youb Kim
2018-04-11net/enic: use contiguous allocation for DMA memoryAnatoly Burakov
2018-03-30net/enic: use link status helper functionsStephen Hemminger
2018-03-30net/enic: support mesonHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: avoid strict aliasing warningsHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: support Rx queue interruptsHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: allocate stats DMA buffer upfront during probeHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: add Rx/Tx queue configuration gettersHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: remove VLAN filter handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: heed the requested max Rx packet sizeHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: allow to change RSS settingsHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: remove extern in function declarationsJohn Daley
2018-01-31net/enic: align dynamic log names with standardHarry van Haaren
2018-01-29net/enic: set L4 checksum flags for IPv6 packetsHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-29net/enic: add Tx prepare handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-29net/enic: fix crash due to static max number of queuesHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-22ethdev: separate driver APIsFerruh Yigit
2018-01-16net/enic: remove a conditional from the Tx pathJohn Daley
2018-01-16net/enic: use TSO flagsJohn Daley
2018-01-16net/enic: use BSD-3-ClauseHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: use dynamic log typesHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: refill only the address of the RQ descriptorHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: remove a couple unnecessary statementsHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: remove remaining header-split codeHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: fix L4 Rx ptype comparisonHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: do not set checksum unknown offload flagHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16net/enic: use the new ethdev offloads APIHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-16ethdev: remove useless parameter in callback processThomas Monjalon