path: root/drivers/net/enic
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-20net/enic: fix max MTU calculationHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: fix inner packet matchingHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: fix endianness in VLAN matchHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: fix VXLAN matchHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: reset VXLAN port regardless of overlay offloadHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: enable limited support for raw flow itemHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: move arguments into structHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: enable limited passthru flow actionHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: enable limited RSS flow actionHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: check for unsupported flow item typesHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: allow flow mark ID 0Hyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: fix SCTP match for flow APIHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: fix flow director SCTP matchingHyong Youb Kim
2019-03-08net/enic: remove unused functionsHyong Youb Kim
2019-02-26build: set RTE_ARCH_64 based on pointer sizeBruce Richardson
2019-01-14net/enic: remove redundant log level checkHyong Youb Kim
2019-01-14net/enic: remove useless includeHyong Youb Kim
2018-12-13net/enic: support multicast filteringHyong Youb Kim
2018-12-13net/enic: add handler to return firmware versionHyong Youb Kim
2018-12-13net/enic: release port upon closeHyong Youb Kim
2018-11-14net/enic: fix size check in Tx prepare handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-11-05net/enic: use macro for attribute weakHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-29fix global variable issuesFerruh Yigit
2018-10-26net/enic: add missing Tx offload flagsHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-26net/enic: fix supported packet typesHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-18net/enic: fix counter actionJohn Daley
2018-10-11net/enic: add AVX2 based vectorized Rx handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: move common Rx functions to a new header fileHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: support flow counter actionJohn Daley
2018-10-11net/enic: fix flow API memory leakJohn Daley
2018-10-11net/enic: explicitly disable overlay offloadHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: add VLAN and csum offloads to simple Tx handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: do not use deprecated Tx VLAN packet flagHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: set Rx VLAN offload flag for non-stripped packetsHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: enable IOVA modeHyong Youb Kim
2018-10-11net/enic: do not use non-standard integer typesHyong Youb Kim
2018-09-14ethdev: make default behavior CRC strip on RxFerruh Yigit
2018-08-02net/enic: reset VXLAN port during initializationHyong Youb Kim
2018-08-02net/enic: revert mbuf fast free offloadHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-23net/enic: pick the right Rx handler after changing MTUHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-12remove useless constructor headersThomas Monjalon
2018-07-03net/enic: cap Rx packet processing to end of desc ringJohn Daley
2018-07-03net/enic: add simple Rx handlerJohn Daley
2018-07-03net/enic: check maximum packet size in Tx prepare handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: add the simple version of Tx handlerHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: reduce Tx completion updatesHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: support mbuf fast free offloadHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: use mbuf pointer array for inflight Tx packetsHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: add handlers to add/delete vxlan port numberHyong Youb Kim
2018-07-03net/enic: add devarg to specify ingress VLAN rewrite modeHyong Youb Kim