path: root/drivers/net/enic/enic_clsf.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-08net/enic: fix flow director SCTP matchingHyong Youb Kim
2019-01-14net/enic: remove useless includeHyong Youb Kim
2018-03-30net/enic: avoid strict aliasing warningsHyong Youb Kim
2018-01-22ethdev: separate driver APIsFerruh Yigit
2018-01-16net/enic: use BSD-3-ClauseHyong Youb Kim
2017-07-04net/enic: replace check for SSE4 with check for x86Bruce Richardson
2017-06-12net/enic/base: bring NIC interface functions up to dateJohn Daley
2017-02-10net/enic: fix hardcoding of some flow director masksJohn Daley
2016-10-26net/enic: fix UDP port in flow directorJohn Daley
2016-10-26net/enic: rename functions for queue index conversionJohn Daley
2016-10-13net/enic: extend flow director support for 1300 seriesJohn Daley
2016-10-13net/enic: fix crash with removed flow director filtersJohn Daley
2016-10-13net/enic: fix flow directorJohn Daley
2016-07-15net/enic: increment filter failure counterJohn Daley
2016-06-28net/enic: fix name of classifiers hash tableNelson Escobar
2016-06-24net/enic: fix negative array index writeJohn Daley
2016-02-10remove extra parentheses in return statementHuawei Xie
2015-10-20enic: fix hash creation when not using first numa nodeDavid Marchand
2015-09-30enic: remove #ident linesSujith Sankar
2015-09-04enic: use appropriate key length in hash tablePablo de Lara
2015-07-13hash: rename unused fieldBruce Richardson
2015-05-22enic: move to drivers/net/Bruce Richardson