path: root/drivers/bus/ifpga
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-19bus/ifpga: fix AFU probe failure handlerAndy Pei
2019-01-19bus/ifpga: fix forcing optional devargsAndy Pei
2019-01-19bus/ifpga: fix build for cpp applicationsAndy Pei
2018-10-18eal: allow probing a device againThomas Monjalon
2018-10-18eal: add function to query device statusThomas Monjalon
2018-10-17drivers/bus: move driver assignment to end of probingThomas Monjalon
2018-10-11eal: add bus pointer in device structureThomas Monjalon
2018-10-11devargs: simplify parameters of removal functionThomas Monjalon
2018-09-27bus/ifpga: remove useless driver castThomas Monjalon
2018-07-12remove useless constructor headersThomas Monjalon
2018-05-22bus/ifpga: fix null pointer dereference in scanRosen Xu
2018-05-22bus/ifpga: fix memory leaks in scanRosen Xu
2018-05-22bus/ifpga: fix error check in unplugRosen Xu
2018-05-13bus/fpga: use strlcpy instead of strncpyPablo de Lara
2018-05-11bus/ifpga: add Intel FPGA bus libraryRosen Xu