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2019-05-13doc: update release notes for 19.05John McNamara
2019-05-13doc: update Mellanox guides and release notesOri Kam
2019-05-10doc: add tested Intel platforms with Intel NICsLijuan Tu
2019-05-10doc: add tested platforms with Mellanox NICsRaslan Darawsheh
2019-05-10doc: update release notes for Mellanox driversYongseok Koh
2019-05-10doc: update release notes for QAT PMDsFiona Trahe
2019-05-10doc: add timer library changes to release notesErik Gabriel Carrillo
2019-05-05doc: update release notes for Windows supportPallavi Kadam
2019-05-05doc: update release notes for new armv8 targetsJerin Jacob
2019-05-03doc: add SST-BF infoDavid Hunt
2019-05-02build: fix crash by disabling AVX512 with binutils 2.31Ferruh Yigit
2019-05-02rcu: add RCU library supporting QSBR mechanismHonnappa Nagarahalli
2019-05-01doc: update guide and release notes for QAT cryptoArek Kusztal
2019-04-22power: fix thread-safety environment modificationMarcin Hajkowski
2019-04-19net/atlantic: enable MACsec configurationPavel Belous
2019-04-19net/ipn3ke: add new driverRosen Xu
2019-04-19net/enetc: enable Rx checksum offload validationGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: enable CRC offloadGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: enable queue start/stopGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: support MTU update and jumbo framesGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: enable promiscuous and allmulticastGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: add basic statisticsGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: set interface mode for SXGMIIGagandeep Singh
2019-04-19net/enetc: support physical addressing modeGagandeep Singh
2019-04-12net/nfb: add new netcope driverRastislav Cernay
2019-04-11meter: replace color definitionsJasvinder Singh
2019-04-05net/i40e: support VXLAN-GPE classificationQiming Yang
2019-04-05net/i40e: support VXLAN-GPEQiming Yang
2019-04-05net/af_xdp: introduce AF_XDP PMDXiaolong Ye
2019-04-05net/sfc: support tunnel TSO on EF10 native Tx datapathIvan Malov
2019-04-05net/sfc: support Tx preparation in EFX datapathIgor Romanov
2019-04-04mempool/stack: add lock-free stack mempool handlerGage Eads
2019-04-04stack: add lock-free implementationGage Eads
2019-04-04stack: introduce stack libraryGage Eads
2019-04-02doc: add IPsec library in release notesKonstantin Ananyev
2019-04-02crypto/aesni_mb: enable out of place processingFan Zhang
2019-03-29ethdev: add min/max MTU to device infoStephen Hemminger
2019-03-29net/ice: enable RSS when device initQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: add safe modeQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: load OS default packageQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: support vector AVX2 in TxWenzhuo Lu
2019-03-30vfio: allow DMA map to the default containerShahaf Shuler
2019-03-30kni: calculate MTU from mbuf sizeLiron Himi
2019-03-28service: fix parameter type for attributeNikhil Rao
2019-03-22ipsec: support 3DES-CBCFan Zhang
2019-03-22examples/ipsec-secgw: add test scripts for AES-CTRFan Zhang
2019-03-22ipsec: support AES-CTRFan Zhang
2019-03-22crypto/qat: support XTSDamian Nowak
2019-03-22cryptodev: restore crypto op alignment and layoutKonstantin Ananyev
2019-03-20app/testpmd: optimize MAC swap for ArmRuifeng Wang