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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-27port: fix pcap support with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-27build: support building ABI versioned files twiceBruce Richardson
2019-10-27config: fix build on RHEL 7.6 for Power9David Christensen
2019-10-23net/iavf: enable AVX2 for iavfLeyi Rong
2019-10-23net/pfe: introduce basic functionsGagandeep Singh
2019-10-23config: change default endianness for CAAM JRGagandeep Singh
2019-10-23crypto/octeontx2: add PMD skeletonAnoob Joseph
2019-10-24eal: remove dead code on NUMA node detectionDavid Marchand
2019-10-24config: set KNI preempt default with mesonIgor Ryzhov
2019-10-24build: enable extra warnings with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-21eal/arm64: add 128-bit atomic compare exchangePhil Yang
2019-10-12build: avoid overlinkingChristian Ehrhardt
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: add PTP driverPriyanka Jain
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: support timestampPriyanka Jain
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: add devarg to control Tx coalescingRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: use dynamic logging for debug printsRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/hns3: add build and doc infrastructureWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-09baseband/fpga_lte_fec: align naming to other bbdevsBruce Richardson
2019-10-09crypto/nitrox: introduce Nitrox driverNagadheeraj Rottela
2019-08-05replace license text with SPDX tag on PPC filesDavid Christensen
2019-07-16config: fix meson build on ThunderX2Gavin Hu
2019-07-05baseband/turbo_sw: extend for 5GNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05baseband/fpga_lte_fec: add driver for FEC on FPGANicolas Chautru
2019-07-05baseband/turbo_sw: allow to build without SDK dependencyNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05net/octeontx2: add build and doc infrastructureJerin Jacob
2019-07-05raw/ntb: introduce NTB raw device driverXiaoyun Li
2019-07-05raw/octeontx2_dma: add build infra and device probeJerin Jacob
2019-07-04config: increase maximum lcores for ppcDavid Wilder
2019-07-04config: update for ppc build with mesonDavid Wilder
2019-07-04raw/ioat: introduce IOAT driverBruce Richardson
2019-07-03event/octeontx2: add build infra and device probePavan Nikhilesh
2019-06-28net/hinic: add build and doc filesZiyang Xuan
2019-06-26build: enable BSD features visibility for FreeBSDMarcin Smoczynski
2019-06-25mempool/octeontx2: add build infra and device probeJerin Jacob
2019-06-25common/octeontx2: add build infrastructure and HW definitionJerin Jacob
2019-06-20net/iavf: move compile time define to configurationLavanya Govindarajan
2019-06-13net/memif: introduce memory interface PMDJakub Grajciar
2019-06-04config: add Marvell ARMADA based on armv8-aLiron Himi
2019-06-04config: disable armv8 crypto extensionYongseok Koh
2019-06-04eal/x86: check rdrand and rdseedBruce Richardson
2019-06-04config: shorten code for x86 instruction detectionBruce Richardson
2019-06-04build: warn on unused parameterBruce Richardson
2019-05-29kni: remove ethtool supportFerruh Yigit
2019-05-02build: add libbsd to pkg-config file if enabledBruce Richardson
2019-05-02build: fix ninja install on FreeBSDBruce Richardson
2019-05-02build: reduce indentation in meson checkFerruh Yigit
2019-05-02build: fix crash by disabling AVX512 with binutils 2.31Ferruh Yigit
2019-05-02build: fix meson binutils workaroundFerruh Yigit
2019-05-02rcu: add RCU library supporting QSBR mechanismHonnappa Nagarahalli
2019-04-19net/ipn3ke: add new driverRosen Xu