AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix flow table hash list conversionMatan Azrad
13 hoursdoc: add matching component list for iceQi Zhang
13 hoursnet/ice/base: update versionQi Zhang
13 hoursnet/memif: support zero-copy slaveJakub Grajciar
13 hoursnet: constify pointer to IPv6 headerStephen Hemminger
13 hoursapp/testpmd: fix cleanup of Tx metadata offloadDekel Peled
13 hoursnet/bonding: fix selection logicKrzysztof Kanas
13 hoursnet: use IPV4 VHL constantReshma Pattan
13 hoursethdev: improve message about not disabled offloadAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursethdev: decrease verbosity of not disabled offload logsAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursdrivers/net: fix RSS hash offload flag if no RSSAndrew Rybchenko
13 hoursnet/octeontx2: support reduced set of packet typesPavan Nikhilesh
13 hoursnet/octeontx2: fix PTP configurations for VFHarman Kalra
13 hoursnet/octeontx2: fix error handling after CQ initAnoob Joseph
13 hoursnet/octeontx2: add Rx/Tx burst mode infoSunil Kumar Kori
13 hoursnet/bnxt: fix IP checksum error indicationKalesh AP
13 hoursethdev: fix log line feedPavan Nikhilesh
13 hoursraw/ifpga: introduce IRQ functionsTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support multiple cardsTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga: support lightweight FPGA imageAndy Pei
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: get board infoTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: clean FME errorsTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: configure FEC modeTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support max10 security featureTianfei Zhang
13 hoursnet/ipn3ke: remove configuration for i40e port bondingRosen Xu
13 hoursraw/ifpga: scan PCIe BDF device treeRosen Xu
13 hoursraw/ifpga: add SEU error handlerRosen Xu
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: update SEU register definitionTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: introduce sensor functionsTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support sensorTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: align send buffer for SPITianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support device treeTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: expose SEU errorTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: clear pending bitTianfei Zhang
13 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support IRQTianfei Zhang
13 hoursnet/i40e: support ipn3ke FPGA port bondingAndy Pei
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix vport id in port id actionViacheslav Ovsiienko
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix environment variable recoveryViacheslav Ovsiienko
13 hoursnet/ice: add SPDX tagYahui Cao
13 hoursnet/ice: ignore error when removing RSS ruleQi Zhang
13 hoursnet/ice: fix RSS flow destroySimei Su
13 hoursnet/bnxt: fix null dereference in Rx stopAjit Khaparde
13 hoursnet/bnxt: fix log message levelVenkat Duvvuru
13 hoursnet/bnxt: fix crash in xstats getAjit Khaparde
13 hoursnet/bnxt: fix flow creation with non-consecutive group idsRahul Gupta
13 hoursnet/bnxt: limit queue count for NS3/Stingray devicesSomnath Kotur
13 hoursnet/bnxt: add checks for firmware resetKalesh AP
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix layer bits to be uniqueXiaoyu Min
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix verbs flow counter queryDekel Peled
13 hoursnet/mlx5: fix getting Rx queue typeDekel Peled