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interest" be sought for each deprecation, for example: from NIC vendors,
CPU vendors, end-users, etc.
-#. The changes (including an alternative map file) must be gated with
- the ``RTE_NEXT_ABI`` option, and provided with a deprecation notice at the
- same time.
- It will become the default ABI in the next release.
+#. The changes (including an alternative map file) can be included with
+ deprecation notice, in wrapped way by the ``RTE_NEXT_ABI`` option,
+ to provide more details about oncoming changes.
+ ``RTE_NEXT_ABI`` wrapper will be removed when it become the default ABI.
+ More preferred way to provide this information is sending the feature
+ as a separate patch and reference it in deprecation notice.
#. A full deprecation cycle, as explained above, must be made to offer
downstream consumers sufficient warning of the change.
-#. At the beginning of the next release cycle, every ``RTE_NEXT_ABI``
- conditions will be removed, the ``LIBABIVER`` variable in the makefile(s)
- where the ABI is changed will be incremented, and the map files will
- be updated.
Note that the above process for ABI deprecation should not be undertaken
lightly. ABI stability is extremely important for downstream consumers of the
DPDK, especially when distributed in shared object form. Every effort should