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doc: group classification libraries in doxygen index
The libraries reorder, distributor, EFD, ACL and member seem to belong to the same category. The previous categories "layers" and "containers" do not fit well. It is proposed to group them under "classification" category. Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
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@@ -109,9 +109,6 @@ The public API headers are grouped by topics:
[frag/reass] (@ref rte_ip_frag.h),
[LPM IPv4 route] (@ref rte_lpm.h),
[LPM IPv6 route] (@ref rte_lpm6.h),
- [ACL] (@ref rte_acl.h),
- [EFD] (@ref rte_efd.h),
- [member] (@ref rte_member.h)
- **QoS**:
[metering] (@ref rte_meter.h),
@@ -123,13 +120,18 @@ The public API headers are grouped by topics:
[jhash] (@ref rte_jhash.h),
[thash] (@ref rte_thash.h),
[FBK hash] (@ref rte_fbk_hash.h),
- [CRC hash] (@ref rte_hash_crc.h)
+ [CRC hash] (@ref rte_hash_crc.h),
+- **classification**
+ [reorder] (@ref rte_reorder.h),
+ [distributor] (@ref rte_distributor.h),
+ [EFD] (@ref rte_efd.h),
+ [ACL] (@ref rte_acl.h),
+ [member] (@ref rte_member.h)
- **containers**:
[mbuf] (@ref rte_mbuf.h),
[ring] (@ref rte_ring.h),
- [distributor] (@ref rte_distributor.h),
- [reorder] (@ref rte_reorder.h),
[tailq] (@ref rte_tailq.h),
[bitmap] (@ref rte_bitmap.h),