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authorBruce Richardson <>2018-02-01 14:20:08 +0000
committerBruce Richardson <>2018-02-02 11:31:36 +0100
commit9065b1fac65fbab9047c4c53d44995c25a56dd51 (patch)
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parent2f90543f238d686c12cf988a04ab71612c9abeab (diff)
build: fix dependency on execinfo for BSD meson builds
The binaries and apps in DPDK all need to be linked against the execinfo library on FreeBSD so add this as a dependency in cases where it is found. It's available by default on BSD, but not at all on Linux Fixes: 16ade738fd0d ("app/testpmd: build with meson") Fixes: 89f0711f9ddf ("examples: build some samples with meson") Fixes: b5dc795a8a55 ("test: build app with meson as dpdk-test") Fixes: 2ff67267b049 ("app/eventdev: build with meson") Signed-off-by: Bruce Richardson <>
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diff --git a/app/test-eventdev/ b/app/test-eventdev/
index 7fb3a28..7c373c8 100644
--- a/app/test-eventdev/
+++ b/app/test-eventdev/
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ sources = files('evt_main.c',
dep_objs = [get_variable(get_option('default_library') + '_rte_eventdev')]
+dep_objs += cc.find_library('execinfo', required: false) # BSD only
link_libs = []
if get_option('default_library') == 'static'