AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-13net/virtio-user: fix interrupts with kernel vhostJianfeng Tan
2018-02-13net/virtio-user: fix start with kernel vhostJianfeng Tan
2018-02-13net/vhost: fix log messages on create/destroyJianfeng Tan
2018-02-13vhost: do not take lock on owner resetMaxime Coquelin
2018-02-13net/virtio: fix resuming port with Rx vector pathMaxime Coquelin
2018-02-13net/virtio: fix mbuf data offset for simple RxOlivier Matz
2018-02-13net/failsafe: fix reconfigurationMatan Azrad
2018-02-13net/failsafe: fix hotplug racesMatan Azrad
2018-02-13net/failsafe: fix removal scopeMatan Azrad
2018-02-13net/failsafe: fix hotplug alarm cancelMatan Azrad
2018-02-13net/tap: add CRC stripping capabilityOphir Munk
2018-02-13doc: remove jumbo frames entry from tap featuresMatan Azrad
2018-02-13doc: add missing SFN8xxx adapters in sfc guideAndrew Rybchenko
2018-02-13doc: update Intel VF guideJingjing Wu
2018-02-13doc: rename nfp PF features fileAlejandro Lucero
2018-02-13net/mlx5: add log on flow creation errorXueming Li
2018-02-13net/mlx5: revert multicast rule verbs flow typeShahaf Shuler
2018-02-13net/mlx5: fix close after start failureXueming Li
2018-02-13net/dpaa2: remove unused global variableJerin Jacob
2018-02-13ethdev: increase log level of port allocation failureMartin Klozik
2018-02-13ethdev: fix data alignmentJerin Jacob
2018-02-13eal: fix errno in IPC APIAnatoly Burakov
2018-02-13lib: remove unused map symbolsPavan Nikhilesh
2018-02-09maintainers: update for driver information toolNeil Horman
2018-02-08version: 18.02-rc4Thomas Monjalon
2018-02-08doc: add tested Intel platforms with Intel NICsYulong Pei
2018-02-08doc: add increased default ring size to release notesJohn McNamara
2018-02-08doc: update limitations in procinfo guideMarko Kovacevic
2018-02-08doc: update callback functions in pipeline sample guideBao-Long Tran
2018-02-08examples/l3fwd: convert Altivec files to SPDX license tagLee Daly
2018-02-08examples/performance-thread: convert license to SPDX tagLee Daly
2018-02-08examples/ipsec-secgw: support AES 256Anoob Joseph
2018-02-08app/testpmd: fix flow director filterBeilei Xing
2018-02-08buildtools: output build failure reason to stderrAndrew Rybchenko
2018-02-08eal/ppc64: revert arch-specific TSC freq queryGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2018-02-08doc: add systems support in tap guideOphir Munk
2018-02-08net/qede: fix tunnel parameters initHarish Patil
2018-02-08net/mlx5: revert support of IPv4 time-to-live filterShahaf Shuler
2018-02-08app/testpmd: enable CRC strip without capability checkFerruh Yigit
2018-02-08net/mlx4: add CRC stripping capabilityMoti Haimovsky
2018-02-08net/i40e: check multi-driver option parsingBeilei Xing
2018-02-08doc: add igb guideWei Zhao
2018-02-08net/bnxt: fix packet typeOlivier Matz
2018-02-08net/bnxt: fix return code in MAC address setAjit Khaparde
2018-02-08net/bnxt: add 100G speed config capabilityAjit Khaparde
2018-02-08net/bnxt: fix link speed setting with autoneg offAjit Khaparde
2018-02-08doc: update bnxt feature listAjit Khaparde
2018-02-08net/bnxt: fix Rx checksum flagsOlivier Matz
2018-02-08net/tap: fix cleanup on allocation failureMoti Haimovsky
2018-02-08net/ixgbe: fix CRC stripping capabilityXiaoyun Li