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doc: mention machine=default option for meson
Document the new value, as it's useful for distributions and users who need to use a stable baseline -march Signed-off-by: Luca Boccassi <> Reviewed-by: Christian Ehrhardt <> Reviewed-by: Jerin Jacob <>
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@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ Project-specific options are passed used -Doption=value::
meson -Denable_docs=true fullbuild # build and install docs
+ meson -Dmachine=default # use builder-independent baseline -march
Examples of setting the same options using meson configure::
meson configure -Dwerror=true
@@ -98,6 +100,9 @@ should be used to change the build settings within the directory, and when
``ninja`` is called to do the build itself, it will trigger the necessary
re-scan from meson.
+NOTE: machine=default uses a config that works on all supported architectures
+regardless of the capabilities of the machine where the build is happening.
As well as those settings taken from ``meson configure``, other options
such as the compiler to use can be passed via environment variables. For