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doc: add VxLAN GRO to release notes
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@@ -216,6 +216,15 @@ New Features
* ``rte_mp_request`` is for sending a request message and will block until
it gets a reply message which is sent from the peer by ``rte_mp_reply``.
+* **Add GRO support for VxLAN-tunneled packets.**
+ Add GRO support for VxLAN-tunneled packets. Supported VxLAN packets
+ must contain an outer IPv4 header and inner TCP/IPv4 headers. VxLAN
+ GRO doesn't check if input packets have correct checksums and doesn't
+ update checksums for output packets. Additionally, it assumes the
+ packets are complete (i.e., MF==0 && frag_off==0), when IP
+ fragmentation is possible (i.e., DF==0).
* **Increased default Rx and Tx ring size in sample applications.**
Increased the default ``RX_RING_SIZE`` and ``TX_RING_SIZE`` to 1024 entries