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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-06test/hash: fix buildDharmik Thakkar
2018-11-06test/hash: reduce time for multiwriter testNaga Suresh Somarowthu
2018-11-06test: reduce time for function reentrancy testNaga Suresh Somarowthu
2018-11-06test: allow taking extra arguments from environmentBruce Richardson
2018-11-02test/compress: improve debug logsFiona Trahe
2018-11-02test/crypto: remove redundant RSA verificationAkash Saxena
2018-10-29test/metrics: add unit tests for metrics libraryHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-29test/pmd_ring: restructure and cleanupChaitanya Babu Talluri
2018-10-29test/timer: reduce duration for race condition caseJananee Parthasarathy
2018-10-29test: clean up on exitAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-29test: disable alarm autotest in FreeBSDPallantla Poornima
2018-10-26eal: add nanosleep based delay functionIlya Maximets
2018-10-26kvargs: support list valueThomas Monjalon
2018-10-26test/hash: add r/w concurrency to autotestYipeng Wang
2018-10-26test/hash: remove hash scaling unit testYipeng Wang
2018-10-26test/hash: add extendable table to r/w testYipeng Wang
2018-10-26test/hash: test more corner casesYipeng Wang
2018-10-26test/hash: use jhash for multi-writerYipeng Wang
2018-10-26test/kni: check module dependencyNaga Suresh Somarowthu
2018-10-26kni: add function to set link state on kernel interfaceDan Gora
2018-10-26test/hash: add lock-free r/w concurrencyDharmik Thakkar
2018-10-26hash: support no free on deleteHonnappa Nagarahalli
2018-10-26hash: separate multi-writer from r/w concurrencyHonnappa Nagarahalli
2018-10-26test/hash: add extendable bucketYipeng Wang
2018-10-25test/hash: add missing file in meson buildYipeng Wang
2018-10-25test/hash: fix r/w test with non-consecutive coresYipeng Wang
2018-10-25test/hash: improve accuracy of perf test outputYipeng Wang
2018-10-25test/hash: fix bucket size in perf testYipeng Wang
2018-10-23test: fix build of external memory testDan Gora
2018-10-22mk: build with _GNU_SOURCE defined by defaultAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-17test/crypto: add CAAM JR validation casesHemant Agrawal
2018-10-17crypto/aesni_mb: support AES-GCM algorithmFan Zhang
2018-10-17crypto/qat: support AES-CMACTomasz Cel
2018-10-17test/crypto: add OCTEON TX unit testsAnkur Dwivedi
2018-10-08eal: use correct data type for bitmap slab operationsVivek Sharma
2018-10-11test: support external memoryAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-11mem: allow memseg lists to be marked as externalAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-02kni: allocate memory dynamically for each deviceIgor Ryzhov
2018-10-01test/event: fix Rx adapter intr test for skeleton PMDNikhil Rao
2018-10-01test/event: fix eth Rx adapter test for skeleton PMDNikhil Rao
2018-10-01eventdev: fix port id argument in Rx adapter capsNikhil Rao
2018-10-01test/event: fix RSS config for eth Rx adapterNikhil Rao
2018-10-01test/event: add adapter tests to meson buildNikhil Rao
2018-10-01test/event: fix build for timer adapterNikhil Rao
2018-10-01eventdev: add test for eth Tx adapterNikhil Rao
2018-10-01test/event: check burst mode capabilityPavan Nikhilesh
2018-10-01test/event: remove eth Rx adapter vdev workaroundNikhil Rao
2018-09-27test/crypto: fix number of queue pairsFiona Trahe
2018-09-14ethdev: make default behavior CRC strip on RxFerruh Yigit
2018-09-16acl: forbid rule with priority zeroKonstantin Ananyev