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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-02build: print list of disabled componentsBruce Richardson
2019-07-02rawdev: pass the device id as parameter to selftestBruce Richardson
2019-07-01malloc: deprecate unused function to set limitStephen Hemminger
2019-07-01eal/freebsd: add config reattach in secondary processAnatoly Burakov
2019-07-01eal/freebsd: fix init completionAnatoly Burakov
2019-07-01mbuf: clarify outer offsets for non-tunnel packetsIvan Malov
2019-06-28net: fix how L4 checksum choice is testedIvan Malov
2019-06-28net: fix encapsulation markers for inner L3 offsetIvan Malov
2019-06-29eal: fix positive error codes from probe/removeIlya Maximets
2019-06-29enforce experimental tag at beginning of declarationsDavid Marchand
2019-06-29remove experimental tags from all symbol definitionsDavid Marchand
2019-06-29telemetry: add missing header includeDavid Marchand
2019-06-29mem: remove incorrect experimental tag on static symbolDavid Marchand
2019-06-29vfio: remove incorrect experimental tagDavid Marchand
2019-06-29devargs: remove incorrect experimental tagsDavid Marchand
2019-06-29eal: hide internal hotplug functionDavid Marchand
2019-06-29eal: use 32-bit RDSEED to allow 32-bit x86 usageMattias Rönnblom
2019-06-28eal: introduce random generator with upper boundMattias Rönnblom
2019-06-28eal: improve entropy for initial PRNG seedMattias Rönnblom
2019-06-28eal: replace libc-based random generation with LFSRMattias Rönnblom
2019-06-28telemetry: fix buildFerruh Yigit
2019-06-27bpf: fix check array sizeKonstantin Ananyev
2019-06-27ip_frag: fix IPv6 fragment size calculationKonstantin Ananyev
2019-06-27stack: fix sign of list lengthPhil Yang
2019-06-27eal/linux: fix return after alarm registration failureThomas Monjalon
2019-06-27eal: correct log for alarm errorXiaolong Ye
2019-06-26eal: do not panic on shared memory initArnon Warshavsky
2019-06-26build: enable BSD features visibility for FreeBSDMarcin Smoczynski
2019-06-24telemetry: support global metricsReshma Pattan
2019-06-20vhost/crypto: fix inferred misuse of enumFan Zhang
2019-06-20vhost/crypto: fix logically dead codeFan Zhang
2019-06-20vhost: fix missing includeNoa Ezra
2019-06-18telemetry: fix memory leakReshma Pattan
2019-06-17kni: remove PCI related informationIgor Ryzhov
2019-06-13ethdev: fix Tx prepare documentation to use positive errnoAndrew Rybchenko
2019-06-13ethdev: add default value for max segmentSunil Kumar Kori
2019-06-13ethdev: add a check on mempool during RxQ setupDavid Marchand
2019-06-13eal/x86: force inlining of all memcpy and mov helpersMaxime Coquelin
2019-06-13vhost: simplify descriptor buffer prefetchingMaxime Coquelin
2019-06-13vhost: do not inline unlikely fragmented buffers codeMaxime Coquelin
2019-06-13vhost: do not inline packed and split functionsMaxime Coquelin
2019-06-13vhost: un-inline dirty pages logging functionsMaxime Coquelin
2019-06-06ethdev: add API to read device clockTom Barbette
2019-06-12acl: fix build with some arm64 compilerJerin Jacob
2019-06-05hash: simplify signature compare with NEONRuifeng Wang
2019-06-05build: generate Windows exports fileBruce Richardson
2019-06-05bpf: fix pseudo calls for program loaded from ELFKonstantin Ananyev
2019-06-05bpf: remove use of weak functionsBruce Richardson
2019-06-05acl: remove use of weak functionsBruce Richardson
2019-06-05rcu: fix format specifier in dumpHonnappa Nagarahalli