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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-13examples: fix build with mesonBruce Richardson
2018-02-19meter: add configuration profileCristian Dumitrescu
2018-02-13examples/cmdline: convert to SPDX license tagLee Daly
2018-02-13examples/ip_pipeline: convert dual-license to SDPXLee Daly
2018-02-13examples/performance-thread: update lthread licenseLee Daly
2018-02-13examples/ipsec-secgw: fix printed crypto nameRadu Nicolau
2018-02-13examples/exception_path: align stats on cache lineDustin Lundquist
2018-02-08examples/l3fwd: convert Altivec files to SPDX license tagLee Daly
2018-02-08examples/performance-thread: convert license to SPDX tagLee Daly
2018-02-08examples/ipsec-secgw: support AES 256Anoob Joseph
2018-02-06examples/ptpclient: fix Tx configurationPablo de Lara
2018-02-06examples/ip_pipeline: fix timer period unitBao-Long Tran
2018-02-06examples/l2fwd: check if user portmask is validVipin Varghese
2018-02-05examples/vhost_scsi: drop unimplemented event index featureStefan Hajnoczi
2018-02-02build: fix dependency on execinfo for BSD meson buildsBruce Richardson
2018-02-01examples/flow_filtering: add delay to wait link updateBeilei Xing
2018-02-01examples/bond: check mbuf allocationRadu Nicolau
2018-02-01examples/vm_power_manager: fix set VF MAC addressDavid Coyle
2018-02-01kni: set initial value for MTUHemant Agrawal
2018-02-01kni: support MAC address changeHemant Agrawal
2018-01-31examples/bond: fix vdev nameRadu Nicolau
2018-02-01examples: increase default ring sizes to 1024Kevin Laatz
2018-01-31examples/bbdev: fix unchecked return of statsAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-31examples/bbdev: fix memory leak in stats printAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-31examples/bbdev: fix out-of-bounds access in MAC printAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-30build: detect micro-arch on ARMPavan Nikhilesh
2018-01-30build: remove architecture flag as default C flagBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: replace license text with SPDX tagBruce Richardson
2018-01-30examples: enable linking both static and sharedBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: build as both static and shared libsBruce Richardson
2018-01-30examples: use pkg-config in makefilesBruce Richardson
2018-01-30examples: put app name and sources at top of makefilesBruce Richardson
2018-01-30examples: build some samples with mesonBruce Richardson
2018-01-29examples/flow_filtering: fix port id sizeZhiyong Yang
2018-01-29examples/ipsec_secgw: fix security sessionFan Zhang
2018-01-29mk: add experimental tag checkNeil Horman
2018-01-21examples/eventdev: fix build with GCC < 5Thomas Monjalon
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: try end in flow actions before failRadu Nicolau
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: fix SPI byte order in flow itemNélio Laranjeiro
2018-01-20examples/ipsec_secgw: create session mempools for ethdevsRadu Nicolau
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: add egress flow actionsNélio Laranjeiro
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: add target queues in flow actionsNélio Laranjeiro
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: fix missing ingress flow attributeNélio Laranjeiro
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: fix corner case for SPI valueAkhil Goyal
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: improve IPsec dequeue logicAkhil Goyal
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: update incremental checksumAkhil Goyal
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: update mbuf packet typeAkhil Goyal
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: add cryptodev mask optionAkhil Goyal
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: support inline protocolAnoob Joseph
2018-01-20examples/ipsec-secgw: fix usage of incorrect portAnoob Joseph