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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix UDP checksum zeroingDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix link speed info when link is downXiaoyu Min
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix completion queue overflow for large burstViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix packet size inline settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix inline data settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix completion queue drain loopViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix inline data length assertViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix default minimal data inlineViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix VLAN inner type matching on DR/DVXiaoyu Min
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix flow rule configurationDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix validation of VLAN PCP itemDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx4: fix crash on info query in secondary processStephen Hemminger
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix Tx inline minimum for ConnectX-5David Christensen
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix limit of direct rules tables numberDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: add workaround for VLAN in virtual machineViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/fm10k: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/iavf: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/i40e: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/ice: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/ixgbe: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/ice: fix null pointer dereferences for tunnelsXiaolong Ye
2019-08-06net/e1000: fix PCI config read checkXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/ice: remove unused parameter tagXiaolong Ye
2019-08-06net/memif: fix multi-process TxPhil Yang
2019-08-06net/memif: fix error pathsJakub Grajciar
2019-08-06raw/ntb: fix null pointer dereferenceXiaoyun Li
2019-08-05net/bnxt: fix traffic stall on Rx queue stop/startKalesh AP
2019-08-05common/octeontx2: fix mbox memory accessVamsi Attunuru
2019-08-05net/mvpp2: remove resources when port is closedLiron Himi
2019-08-05net/thunderx: fix crash on detachAmit Gupta
2019-08-05drivers/octeontx2: fix Coverity warningsHarman Kalra
2019-08-05net/octeontx2: support 96xx A1 silicon revisionNithin Dabilpuram
2019-08-05net/octeontx2: fix optimal default SQE buffer countVamsi Attunuru
2019-08-05common/octeontx2: update ready message responseJerin Jacob
2019-08-05net/octeontx2: drop Rx and L2 error packetsJerin Jacob
2019-08-05net/ena: fix L4 checksum Tx offloadMaciej Bielski
2019-08-05net/virtio: fix build with 0 headroomHemant Agrawal
2019-08-05bus/fslmc: fix build with 0 headroomHemant Agrawal
2019-08-05net/dpaa: fix build with 0 headroomHemant Agrawal
2019-08-05remove extra blank lines at end of filesStephen Hemminger
2019-08-05bus/pci: always check IOMMU capabilitiesDavid Marchand
2019-08-05bus/pci: remove unused x86 Linux constantDavid Marchand
2019-07-30net/bnxt: set checksum flags in vector RxKalesh AP
2019-07-30net/bnxt: fix context memory allocationKalesh AP
2019-07-30net/virtio: fix buildJerin Jacob
2019-07-30drivers/raw: standardize namingBruce Richardson
2019-07-30drivers/raw: remove rawdev from directory namesBruce Richardson
2019-07-29common/octeontx2: prevent STP instruction fissureJerin Jacob
2019-07-29drivers/octeontx2: fix recursive interruptsHarman Kalra
2019-07-29event/octeontx2: fix null dereferencePavan Nikhilesh