path: root/drivers/bus/dpaa
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-04bus/dpaa: fix build with gcc 9.0Ferruh Yigit
2018-10-29drivers: prefix global variables with module nameFerruh Yigit
2018-10-29add missing static keyword to globalsFerruh Yigit
2018-10-22mk: build with _GNU_SOURCE defined by defaultAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-18eal: allow probing a device againThomas Monjalon
2018-10-16dpaa: enable dpaax libraryShreyansh Jain
2018-10-11eal: add bus pointer in device structureThomas Monjalon
2018-09-28bus/dpaa: add check for re-definition in compatHemant Agrawal
2018-09-28bus/dpaa: avoid big endian conversions for contextbNipun Gupta
2018-09-28bus/dpaa: avoid tag set for eqcr in Tx pathNipun Gupta
2018-09-28bus/dpaa: support interrupt portal based fdHemant Agrawal
2018-09-27drivers/bus: fill driver reference after NXP probingThomas Monjalon
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: support scatter/gather configHemant Agrawal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: cleanup unnecessary global variablesHemant Agrawal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: make vdqcr configurableNipun Gupta
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: add API to get MAC addressAkhil Goyal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: optimize fq callback routineHemant Agrawal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: fix buffer offset setting in FMANHemant Agrawal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: fix SVR id fetch locationHemant Agrawal
2018-07-12bus/dpaa: fix phandle support for Linux 4.16Alok Makhariya
2018-07-12remove useless constructor headersThomas Monjalon
2018-06-21bus/dpaa: fix buildThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14bus/dpaa: fix inconsistent struct alignmentAndy Green
2018-05-14bus/dpaa: improve dynamic loggingHemant Agrawal
2018-05-14bus/dpaa: support device blacklistingHemant Agrawal
2018-04-27bus/dpaa: optimize physical to virtual address searchShreyansh Jain
2018-04-17drivers/dpaa: reduce meson dependency listsBruce Richardson
2018-04-12bus/dpaa: fix resource leakHemant Agrawal
2018-04-12bus/dpaa: fix unchecked return valueSunil Kumar Kori
2018-04-12bus/dpaa: fix resource leakSunil Kumar Kori
2018-04-11bus/dpaa: use iova2virt instead of memseg iterationAnatoly Burakov
2018-03-15build: add meson support for dpaaX platformsHemant Agrawal
2018-03-15bus/dpaa: enable compilation for other platformsHemant Agrawal
2018-03-15dpaa: prepare for 32-bit buildHemant Agrawal
2018-03-15bus/dpaa: fix big endian buildHemant Agrawal
2018-02-06bus/dpaa: fix default IOVA modePavan Nikhilesh
2018-02-06bus/dpaa: fix mempool ops registrationNipun Gupta
2018-01-31net/dpaa: further push mode optimizationsNipun Gupta
2018-01-31bus/dpaa: check portal presence in the caller functionNipun Gupta
2018-01-31bus/dpaa: fix port order shufflingShreyansh Jain
2018-01-31bus/dpaa: allocate qman portals in thread safe mannerNipun Gupta
2018-01-31bus/dpaa: check flag in qman multi enqueueNipun Gupta
2018-01-30bus/dpaa: fix clang warningsHemant Agrawal
2018-01-29mk: add experimental tag checkNeil Horman
2018-01-29bus/dpaa: register platform HW mempool on runtimeHemant Agrawal
2018-01-22ethdev: separate driver APIsFerruh Yigit
2018-01-19bus/dpaa: support dynamic loggingSunil Kumar Kori
2018-01-19bus/dpaa: support event dequeue and consumptionSunil Kumar Kori
2018-01-16bus/dpaa: support enqueue frames of multiple queuesAkhil Goyal
2018-01-16bus/dpaa: support static queuesHemant Agrawal