path: root/drivers/bus
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysbus/pci: align next mapping address on page boundaryWangyu (Eric)
11 daysraw/dpaa2_qdma: support route by port in DMANipun Gupta
13 daysbus/fslmc: sanitize device name parsing for clarityShreyansh Jain
13 daysbus/dpaa: move QBMAN global init to busHemant Agrawal
13 daysnet/dpaa2: add retry and timeout in packet enqueue APINipun Gupta
2019-10-31bus/fslmc: fix resource leakAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2019-10-26vfio: fix truncated BAR offset for 32-bitMichal Krawczyk
2019-10-25bus/fslmc: fix global variable multiple definitionsFerruh Yigit
2019-10-23common/dpaax: move OF library from DPAA busHemant Agrawal
2019-10-23bus/fslmc: update MC firmware versionSachin Saxena
2019-10-25bus/pci: check IO permissions for UIO onlyDavid Marchand
2019-10-25bus/pci: remove useless link dependency on ethdevSeth Howell
2019-10-24build: enable extra warnings with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-18event/dpaa2: set priority as per DPCON deviceNipun Gupta
2019-10-08bus/fslmc: support multi VFIO groupHemant Agrawal
2019-10-08bus/fslmc: check for DMA map in primary process onlyShreyansh Jain
2019-10-08bus/fslmc: restrict address translation to PA modeShreyansh Jain
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: add PTP driverPriyanka Jain
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: support Tx confirmation modePriyanka Jain
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: support taildrop on frame count basisHemant Agrawal
2019-10-08net/dpaa: support Rx interrupt enable and disableNipun Gupta
2019-10-08net/dpaa: support Rx interrupt handlerNipun Gupta
2019-10-08bus/dpaa: decouple FQ portal alloc and initNipun Gupta
2019-10-08bus/dpaa: remove thread affinityNipun Gupta
2019-10-08bus/dpaa: fix dpaa_sec blacklistHemant Agrawal
2019-10-09crypto/dpaa_sec: support event crypto adapterAkhil Goyal
2019-10-09bus/pci: fix Intel IOMMU sysfs access checkStephen Hemminger
2019-10-09remove useless include of EAL memory config headerDavid Marchand
2019-08-05bus/fslmc: fix build with 0 headroomHemant Agrawal
2019-08-05bus/pci: always check IOMMU capabilitiesDavid Marchand
2019-08-05bus/pci: remove unused x86 Linux constantDavid Marchand
2019-07-23net/dpaa2: fix multi-segment TxNipun Gupta
2019-07-23vfio: revert interrupt eventfd setup at probeNithin Dabilpuram
2019-07-22bus/pci: change IOVA as VA flag nameJerin Jacob
2019-07-22eal: fix IOVA mode selection as VA for PCI driversDavid Marchand
2019-07-22bus/pci: remove Mellanox kernel driver typeDavid Marchand
2019-07-22bus/fslmc: fix ppc buildHemant Agrawal
2019-07-22bus/fslmc: decrease log level in parsingHemant Agrawal
2019-07-22bus/dpaa: decrease log level in parsingHemant Agrawal
2019-07-17bus/fslmc: fix error handling in device iteratorHemant Agrawal
2019-07-15mempool/dpaa2: map external memory with VFIOSachin Saxena
2019-07-15bus/fslmc: use CINH read on LS1088 platformNipun Gupta
2019-07-15bus/fslmc: detect IOMMU modeShreyansh Jain
2019-07-15bus/fslmc: enhance error handling for dev parsingShreyansh Jain
2019-07-15bus/fslmc: support device iterationShreyansh Jain
2019-07-10vfio: fix interrupts race conditionDavid Marchand
2019-07-08doc: add vdev doxygenAideen McLoughlin
2019-07-07bus/dpaa: update mempool for secondary processHemant Agrawal
2019-07-07bus/dpaa: support hotplug opsShreyansh Jain
2019-07-05drivers: fix typo in NXP commentsThierry Herbelot