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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-11malloc: index heaps using heap ID rather than NUMA nodeAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-11mem: allow memseg lists to be marked as externalAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-11mem: add length to memseg listAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-04event/dpaa: support select based eventHemant Agrawal
2018-10-04mem: store memory mode flags in shared configAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-01doc: update eventdev app guide for Tx adapterPavan Nikhilesh
2018-10-01eventdev: fix port id argument in Rx adapter capsNikhil Rao
2018-10-01doc: add event eth Tx adapter guideNikhil Rao
2018-10-01eventdev: add eth Tx adapter APIsNikhil Rao
2018-10-01event/dsw: add documentationMattias Rönnblom
2018-10-01doc: fix eventdev shared library versionJerin Jacob
2018-09-26doc: add cryptodev featuresAnoob Joseph
2018-09-25doc: fix missing CCM to QAT feature listTomasz Cel
2018-09-25doc: fix typo for cryptodevTomasz Duszynski
2018-09-28doc: update commands for virtio-userTiwei Bie
2018-09-28net/mvpp2: document MTR and TM usageNatalie Samsonov
2018-09-28net/mvpp2: align with MUSDK 18.09Tomasz Duszynski
2018-09-28net/mvpp2: change default policer configurationTomasz Duszynski
2018-09-28doc: announce CRC strip changes in release notesFerruh Yigit
2018-09-28net/sfc: add 50G and 100G XtremeScale X2 family adaptersAndrew Rybchenko
2018-09-28net/failsafe: support multicast address list setEvgeny Im
2018-09-28net/failsafe: remove not supported multicast MAC filterEvgeny Im
2018-09-28net/failsafe: support runtime Tx queues setupIan Dolzhansky
2018-09-28net/failsafe: support runtime Rx queues setupIan Dolzhansky
2018-09-28net/failsafe: add Tx queue start and stop functionsIan Dolzhansky
2018-09-28net/failsafe: add Rx queue start and stop functionsIan Dolzhansky
2018-09-28app/testpmd: add queue deferred start switchIan Dolzhansky
2018-09-28net/i40e: add option to use latest vector pathXiaoyun Li
2018-09-19mbuf: remove deprecated segment free functionsDavid Marchand
2018-09-18build: generate API documentation with mesonLuca Boccassi
2018-09-18mk: use templated doxygen configLuca Boccassi
2018-09-18mk: use script to generate examples.doxLuca Boccassi
2018-08-30examples/ipsec-secgw: support 3DES-CBCHemant Agrawal
2018-08-30compress/qat: use compression specific driver nameFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: describe qat build config optionsFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: update build instructions for qat PMDsFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: add overview of qat guideFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: correct typo and cosmetic changes in qat guideFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: add how to test in qat crypto guideFiona Trahe
2018-08-30doc: add limitations to qat compressdev guideFiona Trahe
2018-09-14net/netvsc: support integrated VFStephen Hemminger
2018-09-14net/netvsc: implement link state change callbackStephen Hemminger
2018-09-14net/netvsc: allow tuning latency with devargsStephen Hemminger
2018-09-14ethdev: make default behavior CRC strip on RxFerruh Yigit
2018-09-14net/sfc: support runtime Tx queue setupIgor Romanov
2018-09-14net/sfc: support runtime Rx queue setupIgor Romanov
2018-09-14net/cxgbe: add flow ops to match based on dest MACShagun Agrawal
2018-09-14net/cxgbe: add flow operations to offload VLAN actionsShagun Agrawal
2018-09-14examples/vhost_crypto: support multi-coreFan Zhang
2018-09-12doc: fix wrong usage of bind commandRami Rosen