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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-26table: add key mask to 8 and 16-byte hash parametersFan Zhang
2015-11-26pipeline: add bulk adding and deleting for tableMarcin Kerlin
2015-11-26table: add bulk adding and deletingMarcin Kerlin
2015-11-25cryptodev: mark experimental stateThomas Monjalon
2015-11-25aesni_mb: add driver for multi buffer based cryptoDeclan Doherty
2015-11-25qat: add driver for QuickAssist devicesDeclan Doherty
2015-11-25mbuf_offload: introduce library to attach offloads to mbufDeclan Doherty
2015-11-25cryptodev: introduce API and framework for crypto devicesDeclan Doherty
2015-11-25ethdev: add sanity checks to functionsBruce Richardson
2015-11-25ethdev: remove duplicated debug functionsBruce Richardson
2015-11-25sched: allow more subportsStephen Hemminger
2015-11-24mlx5: add environment variables section to documentationOlga Shern
2015-11-23config: disable i40e vector driverZhe Tao
2015-11-20szedata2: add new poll mode driverMatej Vido
2015-11-19examples/l2fwd-keepalive: add sample applicationRemy Horton
2015-11-19eal: add keep alive monitoringRemy Horton
2015-11-18mk: introduce ARMv8 architectureJerin Jacob
2015-11-18mk: introduce ARMv7 architectureVlastimil Kosar
2015-11-13doc: add PTP client sample guideDaniel Mrzyglod
2015-11-13ethdev: add ieee1588 functions for device clock timeDaniel Mrzyglod
2015-11-12doc: add enic Tx improvement in release notesJohn Daley
2015-11-12ixgbe: fix Tx hang when RS distance exceeds HW limitKonstantin Ananyev
2015-11-12app/testpmd: add ability to split outgoing packetsKonstantin Ananyev
2015-11-11i40e: fix memzone freeingHelin Zhang
2015-11-10app/testpmd: fix flow director help and docWenzhuo Lu
2015-11-05doc: fix release notesThomas Monjalon
2015-11-04i40e: support Rx interruptCunming Liang
2015-11-04ixgbe: fix VF start with PF stoppedCunming Liang
2015-11-04igb: fix VF start with PF stoppedCunming Liang
2015-11-04app/testpmd: extend commands for flow director in VFJingjing Wu
2015-11-04i40e: extend flow director to support VFJingjing Wu
2015-11-04ethdev: extend flow director to support VFJingjing Wu
2015-11-04i40e: fix statisticsXutao Sun
2015-11-04hash: fix incorrect lookup if key is all zeroPablo de Lara
2015-11-04hash: fix scaling by reducing contentionPablo de Lara
2015-11-04ring: support freeingPablo de Lara
2015-11-04app/testpmd: add command to select filtering GRE key sizeHelin Zhang
2015-11-04i40e: select GRE key length for filteringHelin Zhang
2015-11-04app/testpmd: add commands for input fields of RSS and flow directorHelin Zhang
2015-11-04i40e: configure input fields for RSS or flow directorHelin Zhang
2015-11-03i40e: enlarge the number of supported queuesHelin Zhang
2015-11-03vmxnet3: support port hotplugBernard Iremonger
2015-11-03ethdev: do not deprecate imissed counterMaryam Tahhan
2015-11-03virtio: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03fm10k: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03i40evf: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03i40e: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03igbvf: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03igb: add extended statsHarry van Haaren
2015-11-03ethdev: update extending stats stringsHarry van Haaren