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2018-07-13doc: add IPC callback limitationsAnatoly Burakov
For asynchronous requests, user callback may be triggered either from IPC thread or from interrupt thread. Because of this, delivery of other interrupt-based events such as alarms may not be possible inside the asynchronous IPC request callback handler. Document this limitation. Signed-off-by: Anatoly Burakov <>
2018-05-28doc: update guides for memory subsystemAnatoly Burakov
Document new command-line switches and the principles behind the new memory subsystem. Also, replace outdated malloc heap picture. Signed-off-by: Anatoly Burakov <>
2018-05-28doc: add IPC guideAnatoly Burakov
Describe all the capabilities of DPDK IPC, and provide some insight into how to best make use of it. Signed-off-by: Anatoly Burakov <>
2018-05-23doc: add note about device options for multi-processVipin Varghese
Update information for blacklist and whitelist options for secondary process to share same from primary process. Signed-off-by: Vipin Varghese <> Acked-by: Harry van Haaren <>
2018-02-06doc: convert Intel license headers to SPDX tagsFerruh Yigit
Signed-off-by: Ferruh Yigit <> Acked-by: Bruce Richardson <>
2018-02-01doc: add a restriction to multi-process supportJunjie Chen
This patch add a restriction to multi-process support: secondary processes should only run alongside primary process with same DPDK version, so that secondary processes can use the same hugepage mmap layout as primary process. Signed-off-by: Junjie Chen <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
2017-03-01doc: use corelist instead of coremaskKeith Wiles
The coremask option in DPDK is difficult to use and we should be promoting the use of the corelist (-l) option. The patch adjusts the docs to use -l EAL option instead of the -c option. The patch only changes the docs and not the code as the -c option will continue to exist unless it is removed in the future. The -c option should be kept to maintain backward compatibility. Signed-off-by: Keith Wiles <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
2016-11-07doc: remove Intel reference from multi-process guideJerin Jacob
multi-process support has been verified on non IA such as ARMv8. Signed-off-by: Jerin Jacob <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
2016-04-11doc: fix references in guidesThomas Monjalon
Replace some hard-coded section numbers by dynamic links. Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <>
2016-02-09doc: fix multi-process guideFerruh Yigit
* remove outdated chapter reference to Multi-process support. * html output converts "--" to "-", this is wrong when explaining the command arguments, used fixed width quotes for them. Fixes: fc1f2750a3ec ("doc: programmers guide") Signed-off-by: Ferruh Yigit <>
2015-05-25doc: refactor figure numbers into referencesJohn McNamara
This change adds automatic figure references to the docs. The figure numbers in the generated Html and PDF docs are now automatically numbered based on section. Requires Sphinx >= 1.3.1. The patch makes the following changes. * Changes image:: tag to figure:: and moves image caption to the figure. * Adds captions to figures that didn't previously have any. * Un-templates the |image-name| substitution definitions into explicit figure:: tags. They weren't used more than once anyway and Sphinx doesn't support them for figure. * Adds a target to each image that didn't previously have one so that they can be cross-referenced. * Renamed existing image target to match the image name for consistency. * Replaces the Figures lists with automatic :numref: :ref: entries to generate automatic numbering and captions. * Replaces "Figure" references with automatic :numref: references. Signed-off-by: John McNamara <>
2015-03-19doc: convert image extensions to wildcardJohn McNamara
Changed all image.svg and image.png extensions to image.* This allows Sphinx to decide the appropriate image type from the available image options. In case of PDF, SVG images are converted and Sphinx must pick the converted version. Signed-off-by: John McNamara <> Acked-by: Bernard Iremonger <>
2014-12-19doc: remove Intel references from prog guideSiobhan Butler
Removed redundant references to Intel(R) DPDK in Programmers Guide. Signed-off-by: Siobhan Butler <> Acked-by: Bernard Iremonger <>
2014-11-18doc: programmers guideBernard Iremonger
The 1.7 DPDK_Prog_Guide document in MSWord has been converted to rst format for use with Sphinx. There is an rst file for each chapter and an index.rst file which contains the table of contents. The top level index file has been modified to include this guide. This document contains some png image files. If any of these png files are modified they should be replaced with an svg file. This is the sixth document from a set of 6 documents. Signed-off-by: Bernard Iremonger <>