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2018-07-11doc: add asymmetric crypto in programmer guideShally Verma
2018-07-11cryptodev: rename experimental private data APIsFiona Trahe
2018-07-11cryptodev: remove max number of sessions parameterPablo de Lara
2018-07-11cryptodev: replace bus specific struct with generic devPablo de Lara
2018-05-22cryptodev: rename functions to get session sizePablo de Lara
2018-04-23doc: add private data info in crypto guideAbhinandan Gujjar
2018-02-06doc: convert Intel license headers to SPDX tagsFerruh Yigit
2018-02-06doc: add note on multiple crypto vdevsVipin Varghese
2017-11-06cryptodev: rename physical address type to IOVASantosh Shukla
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2017-07-19doc: use new crypto driver namesPablo de Lara
2017-07-06doc: add new crypto session informationPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: remove crypto device type enumerationSlawomir Mrozowicz
2017-07-06cryptodev: remove AAD from authentication structurePablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: add AEAD parameters in crypto operationPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: add AEAD specific dataPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: remove digest length from crypto opPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: remove AAD length from crypto opPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: add auth IVPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: move IV parameters to sessionPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: pass IV as offsetPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: remove opaque data pointer in crypto opPablo de Lara
2017-07-06cryptodev: move session type to generic crypto opPablo de Lara
2017-05-05vdev: remove eal prefixThomas Monjalon
2016-04-09doc: add cryptodev chapter in prog guideDeclan Doherty