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2019-10-08net/mlx5: adjust inline setting for large Tx queue sizesViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-10-08net/bnx2x: update to latest FW 7.13.11Rasesh Mody
2019-10-08net/octeontx2: support TSO offloadNithin Dabilpuram
2019-10-08net/octeontx2: support Tx descriptor statusKiran Kumar K
2019-10-08net/dpaa2: add optional non-prefetch Rx modeNipun Gupta
2019-10-07doc: remove deprecated flow director from enic guideJohn Daley
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: fetch max Tx coalesce limit from firmwareRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: add devarg to control Tx coalescingRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: separate VF only devargsRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/cxgbe: use dynamic logging for debug printsRahul Lakkireddy
2019-10-07net/vhost: support TSO disablingNoa Ezra
2019-10-07doc: clarify MAC/VLAN filtering in virtio guideTiwei Bie
2019-10-07net/hns3: support device statsWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: add start/stop and configure operationsWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support Rx/Tx and related operationsWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support VFWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support VLANWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support flow controlWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support RSSWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support flow directorWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support link update operationWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support some device operationsWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: support MAC address related operationsWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/hns3: add build and doc infrastructureWei Hu (Xavier)
2019-10-07net/ena: change license clause to SPDX tagsMaciej Bielski
2019-10-07net/ice: support protocol extraction per Rx queueHaiyue Wang
2019-10-07net/i40e: limit the number of VF messagesAlvin Zhang
2019-10-07doc: cleanup license in bnx2x guideRasesh Mody
2019-10-07net/ice: support device-specific DDP package loadingTing Xu
2019-09-20net/qede: implement flow drop actionShahed Shaikh
2019-09-20net/mlx5: support modify VLAN ID on existing VLAN headerMoti Haimovsky
2019-09-20net/mlx5: support modify VLAN ID on new VLAN headerMoti Haimovsky
2019-09-20net/mlx5: support modifying VLAN priority on VLAN headerMoti Haimovsky
2019-09-20net/mlx5: support push flow action on VLAN headerMoti Haimovsky
2019-09-20net/mlx5: support pop flow action on VLAN headerMoti Haimovsky
2019-09-06doc: fix format in virtio guideTiwei Bie
2019-09-06doc: add packed virtqueue in virtio guideTiwei Bie
2019-09-06doc: add devargs for virtio-userTiwei Bie
2019-09-06doc: update description for virtio in-order RxTiwei Bie
2019-09-06doc: fix typo in virtio in-order Rx function nameTiwei Bie
2019-09-06net/virtio: remove remaining simple Tx related stuffTiwei Bie
2019-08-08doc: add limitation with mlx5 Tx inline settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-07doc: update Tx inline settings in mlx5 guideViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06doc: remove deprecated ethdev featuresThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: add more details about mlx5 offloadsThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: add mlx5 design detailsThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: remove useless console syntax in mlx guidesThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: fix wording and formatting of mlx5 guideThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: improve firmware configuration in mlx5 guideThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix packet size inline settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko