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42 hoursdoc: fix build with python 3.8Thomas Monjalon
12 daysversion: 20.02-rc0Thomas Monjalon
2019-11-28config: add pkgconfig for arm64Ali Alnubani
2019-11-28doc: update arm64 cross build tool versionJoyce Kong
2019-11-28doc: update libnuma dependency on arm64Ali Alnubani
2019-11-28doc: update example output in FreeBSD guideBruce Richardson
2019-11-28doc: remove reference to old version of FreeBSDBruce Richardson
2019-11-28doc: reorder meson and make build instructions for ArmBruce Richardson
2019-11-28doc: add building with meson to Linux guideBruce Richardson
2019-11-28doc: update system requirements in Linux guideBruce Richardson
2019-11-28doc: clarify path selection in virtio guideYinan Wang
2019-11-28doc: update offload dependencies in mlx5 guideRaslan Darawsheh
2019-11-28doc: add tested platforms with Mellanox NICsRaslan Darawsheh
2019-11-28devtools: control location of test buildsBruce Richardson
2019-11-28kni: fix build with Linux 4.9.xFerruh Yigit
2019-11-28doc: use SPDX license tag for vhost PMD guideTetsuya Mukawa
2019-11-28doc: fix copyright notice in AVP guideAllain Legacy
2019-11-28doc: add tested Marvell integrated NIC platformsJerin Jacob
2019-11-28doc: add tested Intel platforms with Intel NICsWenjie Li
2019-11-28doc: add codespell config in contributing guideKevin Traynor
2019-11-27doc: update release notes for 19.11John McNamara
2019-11-27doc: sort features in 19.11 release notesThomas Monjalon
2019-11-27doc: add ABI policy changes to release notesRay Kinsella
2019-11-26net/mlx5: fix flow engine choiceDekel Peled
2019-11-26ethdev: remove deprecation notice about RSS hash flagAndrew Rybchenko
2019-11-26ethdev: remove deprecation notice for packet type setAndrew Rybchenko
2019-11-26doc: update qede guideRasesh Mody
2019-11-26doc: update metadata feature in mlx5 guideViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-11-26doc: update release notes for bnxtAjit Khaparde
2019-11-26doc: update bnxt feature listAjit Khaparde
2019-11-26doc: fix tap guideAndrzej Ostruszka
2019-11-26doc: fix a typo in EAL guideAnatoly Burakov
2019-11-26doc: add core queries in power example guideDavid Hunt
2019-11-26doc: update QoS scheduler guidesJasvinder Singh
2019-11-25doc: fix l2fwd-crypto usage in CCP guideAmaranath Somalapuram
2019-11-26doc: fix command line in l2fwd-event guidePavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-26common/octeontx: update mbox to version 1.1.3Pavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-26remove blank lines at end of fileStephen Hemminger
2019-11-25mbuf: extend mbuf pool private structureShahaf Shuler
2019-11-21kni: increase kernel version requirement for VAFerruh Yigit
2019-11-20build: change ABI versioning to globalMarcin Baran
2019-11-20net/ice: add flow mark hintQi Zhang
2019-11-20net/mlx5: fix Tx doorbell write memory barrierViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-11-20net/mlx5: change default flow engine to DVDekel Peled
2019-11-20doc: add matching component list for iceQi Zhang
2019-11-20net/memif: support zero-copy slaveJakub Grajciar
2019-11-20app/testpmd: fix cleanup of Tx metadata offloadDekel Peled
2019-11-20net/octeontx2: support reduced set of packet typesPavan Nikhilesh
2019-11-20net/octeontx2: add Rx/Tx burst mode infoSunil Kumar Kori
2019-11-20crypto/openssl: support in-place scatter gatherAkhil Goyal