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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-25build: fix Windows buildBruce Richardson
2019-11-20build: change ABI versioning to globalMarcin Baran
2019-11-08build: add option to enable LTOAndrzej Ostruszka
2019-10-27port: fix pcap support with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-24eal: remove dead code on NUMA node detectionDavid Marchand
2019-10-24build: enable extra warnings with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-10-12build: avoid overlinkingChristian Ehrhardt
2019-06-26build: enable BSD features visibility for FreeBSDMarcin Smoczynski
2019-06-04build: warn on unused parameterBruce Richardson
2019-05-02build: add libbsd to pkg-config file if enabledBruce Richardson
2019-05-02build: fix ninja install on FreeBSDBruce Richardson
2019-04-17build: increase readability via shortcut variablesBruce Richardson
2019-04-17build: simplify subdirectory detection for EALBruce Richardson
2019-04-03eal/windows: introduce Windows supportAnand Rawat
2019-03-27build: use version number from config fileBruce Richardson
2019-03-27build: move meson version handling to config directoryBruce Richardson
2019-02-27build: improve libbsd dependency handlingLuca Boccassi
2019-02-26build: add option to override max ethdev portsChas Williams
2019-02-26build: set RTE_ARCH_64 based on pointer sizeBruce Richardson
2019-01-17build: fix meson check for binutils 2.30Harry van Haaren
2019-01-14mk: fix scope of disabling AVX512F supportFerruh Yigit
2018-11-18build: establish an invariant machine typeChristian Ehrhardt
2018-11-18build: avoid non supported -march on ppc with mesonChristian Ehrhardt
2018-10-27vfio: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27build: add dependency on telemetry to apps with mesonKevin Laatz
2018-09-17build: add ppc64 meson buildLuca Boccassi
2018-07-12bus/dpaa2: fix default IOVA setting for meson buildsBruce Richardson
2018-07-12build: disable pointer to int warnings for 32-bitBruce Richardson
2018-07-11build: fix for host clang and cross gccGavin Hu
2018-05-21mempool/bucket: add to meson buildAndrew Rybchenko
2018-05-08build: fix check for libbsd in mesonBruce Richardson
2018-04-17build: set toolchain info during meson configurePavan Nikhilesh
2018-04-04eal: support strlcpy functionBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: detect micro-arch on ARMPavan Nikhilesh
2018-01-30build: support ARM with mesonBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: remove architecture flag as default C flagBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: replace license text with SPDX tagBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: remove library special casesBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: detect and use libnumaBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: add maths library in pkg-config fileBruce Richardson
2018-01-30build: add optional arch-specific headers install pathLuca Boccassi
2018-01-30build: add infrastructure for meson and ninja buildsBruce Richardson