path: root/config/defconfig_i686-native-linuxapp-gcc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-11mem: replace memseg with memseg listsAnatoly Burakov
2018-02-01config: replace Intel license headers with SPDX tagsBruce Richardson
2017-06-12net/ixgbe: enable ixgbe vector PMD for i686Bruce Richardson
2017-04-04net/avp: support driver registrationAllain Legacy
2017-01-17net/sfc: libefx-based driver stubAndrew Rybchenko
2016-10-08crypto/zuc: add driver for ZUC libraryPablo de Lara
2016-06-20crypto/kasumi: add driver for KASUMI libraryPablo de Lara
2016-03-11aesni_gcm: add driver for AES-GCM crypto operationsDeclan Doherty
2016-02-11config: add a common x86 flagThomas Monjalon
2014-07-19config: cleanup duplicated commentsThomas Monjalon
2014-06-16ixgbe: new vectorized functions for Rx/TxBruce Richardson
2014-06-11remove trailing whitespacesBruce Richardson
2014-05-21config: rename "default" configurations as "native"David Marchand