path: root/app/test-bbdev
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-27build: add dependency on telemetry to apps with mesonKevin Laatz
2018-08-30app/bbdev: fix inputs mbuf creationKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-22app/bbdev: fix unchecked return valueKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-14app/bbdev: use strcpy for allocated stringAndy Green
2018-05-10bbdev: change names of baseband devicesKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10app/bbdev: improve readabilityKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10app/bbdev: add new test vectorsKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10app/bbdev: update default test vectorsKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10bbdev: split queue groupsKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10bbdev: measure offload costKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10baseband/turbo_sw: support optional CRC overlapKamil Chalupnik
2018-05-10baseband/turbo_sw: scale likelihood ratio inputKamil Chalupnik
2018-03-12app: add all remaining apps to meson buildBruce Richardson
2018-01-31app/bbdev: fix unchecked return valueAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-31app/bbdev: fix out-of-bounds read in vector arrayAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-31app/bbdev: fix division by zero in latency measureAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-31app/bbdev: fix null termination in argument parsingAmr Mokhtar
2018-01-29mk: add experimental tag checkNeil Horman
2018-01-19app/testbbdev: add test application for bbdevAmr Mokhtar