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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-26use registered name for OCTEON TX referencesAnoob Joseph
2018-10-18net/atlantic: add PMD driver skeletonPavel Belous
2018-10-17doc: add CAAM JR guideHemant Agrawal
2018-10-17crypto/caam_jr: introduce basic driverGagandeep Singh
2018-10-17doc: add OCTEON TX crypto guideAnoob Joseph
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add PMD skeletonAnoob Joseph
2018-10-16common/dpaax: add library for PA/VA translation tableShreyansh Jain
2018-10-11examples/vdpa: introduce a new sample for vDPAXiaolong Ye
2018-10-11doc: add guide for ENETC PMDGagandeep Singh
2018-10-11net/enetc: add PMD with basic operationsGagandeep Singh
2018-10-11net/mvneta: add PMD skeletonZyta Szpak
2018-10-11test: support external memoryAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-02maintainers: update for OCTEONTXJerin Jacob
2018-10-01doc: add event eth Tx adapter guideNikhil Rao
2018-10-01eventdev: add test for eth Tx adapterNikhil Rao
2018-10-01eventdev: add eth Tx adapter APIsNikhil Rao
2018-10-01event/dsw: add documentationMattias Rönnblom
2018-10-01event/dsw: add device registration and build systemMattias Rönnblom
2018-10-01devtools: move awk script ckecking forbidden tokensArnon Warshavsky
2018-08-28common/mvep: add common code for Marvell driversLiron Himi
2018-08-09maintainers: claim maintainership for ARM v7 and v8Gavin Hu
2018-08-05doc: add softnic documentationJasvinder Singh
2018-07-26maintainers: update for szedata2 PMDMatej Vido
2018-07-25doc: add octeonx zip guideAshish Gupta
2018-07-25compress/octeontx: introduce octeontx zip PMDSunila Sahu
2018-07-25doc: add zlib PMD guideShally Verma
2018-07-25compress/zlib: introduce zlib PMDAshish Gupta
2018-07-24compress/qat: add empty driverFiona Trahe
2018-07-16devtools: add checks for ABI symbol additionNeil Horman
2018-07-13net/netvsc: add documentationStephen Hemminger
2018-07-13net/netvsc: add Hyper-V network deviceStephen Hemminger
2018-07-13bus/vmbus: add Hyper-V virtual bus supportStephen Hemminger
2018-07-13test/fbarray: add autotestsAnatoly Burakov
2018-07-11maintainers: update for Mellanox PMDsAdrien Mazarguil
2018-07-11maintainers: update for mempoolOlivier Matz
2018-07-11crypto/qat: move common qat files to common dirTomasz Jozwiak
2018-06-29maintainers: update for ethdevThomas Monjalon
2018-06-22maintainers: update for tep_termination exampleHelin Zhang
2018-06-21maintainers: update Intel sub-tree committersHelin Zhang
2018-06-14net/ifc: make driver name consistentXiao Wang
2018-06-14maintainers: add vhost and virtio co-maintainersMaxime Coquelin
2018-06-14maintainers: update for vhost PMDMaxime Coquelin
2018-05-30maintainers: claim responsibility for bonding PMDChas Williams
2018-05-29devtools: check orphan symbols in map filesThomas Monjalon
2018-05-29devtools: add test script for meson buildsBruce Richardson
2018-05-22maintainers: add maintainer for testpmdBernard Iremonger
2018-05-22maintainers: add missing doc referencesFerruh Yigit
2018-05-17maintainers: fix responsibility of flow API bitsAdrien Mazarguil
2018-05-17maintainers: hand off ownership of tap PMDPascal Mazon
2018-05-14bpf: add missed experimental tagsKonstantin Ananyev