AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-17crypto/aesni_mb: support AES-GCM algorithmFan Zhang
2018-10-17common/qat: support GEN3 devicesFiona Trahe
2018-10-17crypto/qat: support AES-CMACTomasz Cel
2018-10-17cryptodev: fix pool element size for undefined operationJunxiao Shi
2018-10-17event/dpaa2: support crypto adapterAkhil Goyal
2018-10-17crypto/dpaa2_sec: support atomic queuesAshish Jain
2018-10-17crypto/dpaa2_sec: support event crypto adapterAkhil Goyal
2018-10-17crypto/zuc: enable meson buildHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-17crypto/kasumi: enable meson buildHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-17crypto/aesni_mb: enable meson buildHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-17crypto/aesni_gcm: enable meson buildHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-17crypto/openssl: support truncated HMAC operationsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-10-17doc: add OCTEON TX crypto guideAnoob Joseph
2018-10-17test/crypto: add OCTEON TX unit testsAnkur Dwivedi
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add burst dequeueTejasree Kondoj
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add burst enqueueTejasree Kondoj
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add routines to prepare instructionsTejasree Kondoj
2018-10-17common/cpt: support hashSrisivasubramanian S
2018-10-17common/cpt: support KASUMISrisivasubramanian S
2018-10-17common/cpt: support ZUC and SNOW3GSrisivasubramanian S
2018-10-17common/cpt: add crypto enqueue request manager frameworkRagothaman Jayaraman
2018-10-17common/cpt: add microcode interface for decryptionRagothaman Jayaraman
2018-10-17common/cpt: add microcode interface for encryptionRagothaman Jayaraman
2018-10-17common/cpt: add common defines for microcodeNithin Dabilpuram
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add supported sessionsNithin Dabilpuram
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add session management operationsNithin Dabilpuram
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add queue pair functionsMurthy NSSR
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add basic device operationsMurthy NSSR
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add mailbox routinesMurthy NSSR
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add global resource initAnoob Joseph
2018-10-17common/cpt: add PMD ops helper functionsAnoob Joseph
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add symmetric capabilitiesAnkur Dwivedi
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add hardware register access for misc pollAnkur Dwivedi
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add hardware init routineAnkur Dwivedi
2018-10-17crypto/octeontx: add PMD skeletonAnoob Joseph
2018-10-17compressdev: fix compression API descriptionTomasz Jozwiak
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: add dynamic loggingTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: use common initializationDmitri Epshtein
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: support scatter gatherZyta Szpak
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: add 3DES ECB to the capabilities listTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: support crypto/auth NULL algorithmsTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: support AES ECBTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: support HMAC SHA224Tomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: update hash digest sizesSzymon Sliwa
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: fix shared library buildTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17crypto/mvsam: update features listTomasz Duszynski
2018-10-17doc: update mvsam guideDmitri Epshtein
2018-10-18eal: allow probing a device againThomas Monjalon
2018-10-18eal: add function to query device statusThomas Monjalon
2018-10-17drivers/bus: move driver assignment to end of probingThomas Monjalon